Company in Chicago for Clean your Office before your party

Company in Chicago for Clean your Office before your party

Do you have a party? Clean the office first

Have an office party take the same day cleaning services Chicago first with the best cleaning company Chicago.

It’s a tradition to end the old year with success do a deep clean, look at some tips from Quick Cleaning to have an amazing night.

  • Enjoy: Relax and socialize with your colleagues, use the opportunity to make better connections.
  • Be cool: dress appropriately and remember, that even if they are your friends, it’s still a work environment.
  • Avoid Overeating or over drinking, the goal of the meeting is to enjoy the party with your colleagues.

Best cleaning company Chicago

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The Difference Between Office Cleaning and Residential Services

The conditions of how the work site is important because this will be the first impression that your clients and/or partners will receive. Since there are few people who want to make some kind of business with a company that does not keep their spaces in good condition. Keeping the workspace clean will also benefit the performance of your employees, studies have shown that workers in clean and orderly spaces are more productive and happy.

It is often believed that when talking about cleaning services and commercial cleaning services, reference is made to the same type of service, but in reality, they are descriptions of different types of cleaning services. If you are looking for the Best cleaning company Chicago for the cleaning of your office, first you need to know the difference between the two types of services so that you are sure that the professional you are going to hire is the one to do the activity.

Among the differences that call more attention are:

  • Most of the time the residential cleaning is done during the day, instead, the cleaning of the offices is done during the night or weekends.
  • Another difference is that residential cleaning requires a little more attention and respect because you are working inside the house. On the other hand, office cleaning space is less personal because it is often cleaned in open areas and not in private offices.
  • Office cleaning services include
    • Remove the rubbish
    • Clean glass doors
    • Floor to ceiling dust
    • Cleaning work areas.
    • Disinfect the bathrooms.
    • Clean restroom.
    • Vacuum carpets and floors
  • Residential Cleaning services include:
    • Clean Kitchen, bedrooms, living areas an bathroom

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