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Commercial Window Cleaning Tricks

Commercial Window Cleaning Tricks

Cleaning a window is already a hard task. Imagine now a commercial one. These ones are bigger. Harder to reach. And, smudges are even more visible than the ones at home. Cleaning a window requires patience, practice, and a good hand. Today we bring you our best commercial window cleaning tricks. Get your office windows ready and crystal clear.

How often should you clean your windows?

Before starting with the general guide we’d like to clear something up. How often should you clean them? This is a good question. It depends on how much traffic there is in your business. We usually recommend doing window cleaning once a week. Most people opt for hiring cleaning companies. Doing this will make life a lot easier. Ask your local cleaning company about their commercial cleaning plans.

Best ways to clean a window

Now, onto the guide itself. As we mentioned above, cleaning a window is hard. Yet, there are some tricks you should use to make it easier. The first thing you can use is a specific cleaner for windows. Most of them are acid-based. These ones are perfect for removing watermarks. One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning them is pressure washing. A lot of people think this helps, however, that isn’t true. Pressure washing can damage the glass and rubber. It takes a toll on them. You should avoid this at all costs.

commercial window cleaning tricks
commercial window cleaning tricks

Basic Cleaning

Now onto the basics. Use something with good reach to remove dust and cobwebs. This has to be done before applying any cleaner. Wet the window with some water. Use a natural and clean sponge to wipe it all. As soon as the window starts to dry use rubber. People don’t believe it but the rubber does wonder for a window.

And there you have it, our commercial window cleaning tricks. You can always a Commercial Cleaning Company for help. As one, we are happy to help so call us at any time.

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