A Cleaning Checklist by Season

A Cleaning Checklist by Season

A Cleaning Checklist by Season

The seasons are truly amazing. They bring a lot of changes to our daily life. Some of them are more notable than others but we can all see them nonetheless. Beyond the tangible changes, we can observe that there is a change in our mood too. And with that in mind, there are a lot of changes that happen inside the home too. Every season brings a lot of things that affect our place. With all this, we can recommend you a cleaning checklist by season so you can keep track of everything that goes inside your home.

Spring Cleaning

This season is amazing. A people’s favorite. This season brings lovely changes all around us. Flowers bloom, the weather is fresh, the sun is out. However, there are also a lot of things coming inside the house that might create a nuisance for it. The main one is pollen. Oh, it affects more than we think. For spring cleaning we recommend doing this:
-Remove ashes from your fireplace
-Get rid of moldings
-Clean ceiling fans

-Clean your grill

A lot of these cleaning tasks can be achieved by yourself, however, you can always hire an Apartment Cleaning Service Chicago. They will surely do it for you.

Summer Cleaning

During Summer not a lot of people want to clean. It is, after all, the time for relaxation. However, getting ahead on cleaning can do wonders. Usually, Summer cleaning is all about focusing on the bathroom. With kids going out all the time and bringing dirt and more, your bathroom will suffer. Make sure to clean it properly. These are the recommendations we have:
-Dust all surfaces
-Thoroughly clean the bathroom(s)
-Clean the faucets
-Change air condition filters
The majority of Maid Services Chicago offer all of these cleaning duties in their packages. You should definitely call them to help you out.

Fall Cleaning

During Fall, a lot of people are still working and doing a lot of things but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the cleaning for the next season. Fall is the season for cooking and your kitchen will take its toll. Focus on cleaning it and you won’t be overwhelmed after the festivities.
-Reduce your fridge and pantry clutter
-Organize your cabinets
-Clean your stove and oven
-Deep Fridge cleaning
Deep Cleaning Services Chicago offer a lot of these options. People usually do not clean their fridge and just keep cluttering it. After some time you will see that some mold or worse might appear. Hire a good Cleaning Service in Chicago for best results.

Winter Cleaning

The chilly season. The family season. The cozy season. But also, another cleaning season. During this season your main focus should be your closets. After all, that’s where almost everybody keeps their decorations. Also, do not forget about your exterior. Snowing can definitely hit and you ought to be prepared.
-Dust off your closets
-Keep your shovel close
-Clean the entryway of your house
-Clean dryer vents
As you can see most of these activities are quite simple and if you make it a habit to follow them you’ll save a lot of time. But, if you follow a cleaning checklist by season, it’ll be even easier. However, it isn’t a bad idea to call for a good House Cleaning Service Chicago. They’ll help you out as well.
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