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Welcome to Quick Cleaning,, your trusted partner for professional restaurant cleaning services in the vibrant city of Chicago. We understand the critical role cleanliness plays in the success of your restaurant, not only in maintaining a healthy environment but also in leaving a lasting impression on your customers. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering top-notch cleaning solutions tailored to the unique needs of your establishment. The importance of cleanliness and hygiene in restaurants is not only vital to the image of the business, but it is also essential for the health and safety of the restaurant’s customers and staff.

Our Reviews

Alexandre Schleider
Alexandre Schleider
I have been working with Quick cleaning for more than a year and they have always been amazing. They are among other cleaning our Airbnb unit and most reviews are so happy by how clean is the place. I highly recommend Quick Cleaning.
Belkis Mercado
Belkis Mercado
Quick Cleaning did an excellent job cleaning my office. The team was professional, thorough, and efficient. I highly recommend their services!
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez
I recently hired Quick Cleaning to clean my apartment and was very satisfied with the result. The team was punctual, professional and very thorough in their work. From start to finish, they showed great dedication and care in every corner of the place. I will definitely call them again when I need their services again, highly recommended!
Diana Acuña
Diana Acuña
Quick Cleaning came to clean my apartment, and I couldn't be happier with the results. They were thorough, efficient, and left my place looking immaculate. Definitely using their services again!
Lucero Velasquez
Lucero Velasquez
Quick cleaning did an amazing job at my parents’ house. Their attention to detail and professionalism were outstanding, leaving everything spotless. Highly recommend their services!
Naty Gael Rincon
Naty Gael Rincon
Did a fantastic job on my kitchen. They tackled every nook and cranny, leaving it sparkling clean. I'm extremely satisfied with their meticulous work!
robert soltis
robert soltis
Quick Cleaning exceeded all expectations!! They did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning at a very fair price... I will be using them again... try them!!!!
Mario Ojemudia
Mario Ojemudia
scheduled cleaning on short notice and did great job!
Stuart Keeshin
Stuart Keeshin
I've been using Quick Cleaning to clean my Airbnb unit for 1.5 years now and I'm very happy with them. I can count on them to show up on time, they take photos before they start and when they're finished, and I haven't had any housekeeping complaints since they've been cleaning the apartment. The house keepers they send are all friendly and do a great job.


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We have been working with Quick Cleaning for two months. I am a property manager in Wicker Park and I am beyond impressed. The team is reliable and very responsible when it comes to following instructions, handling keys and codes. Best of all, they are always available.

Marcus Schneider

Excellent service! Very professional, diligent, and dependable. I've used them for several months now and they've been great.

I will definitely continue to work with them.

Dave Longwell

I'm extremely pleased with the cleaning team sent to our office. They do a fantastic job every time! I highly recommend Quick Cleaning to anyone seeking a professional commercial cleaning company. 

Brian Lewis



The Importance of Professional Kitchen Cleaning

In the competitive restaurant industry, cleanliness is a key factor that influences customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our comprehensive cleaning services go beyond surface-level cleanliness, targeting areas often overlooked in day-to-day cleaning routines. By choosing Quick Cleaning, you invest in a spotless and inviting environment that reflects positively on your brand.

Our highly trained and committed cleaning team delivers comprehensive restaurant cleaning services in chicago and surrounding areas. We offer cleaning services from deep kitchen cleaning to floor and wall cleaning. In addition, we make sure to comply with all regulations and cleaning standards to ensure the safety of our customers.

If you need a high quality restaurant cleaning service near me, don’t hesitate to contact us at Quick Cleaning. So, we’re ready to work with you to make sure your restaurant shines the way it deserves.


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At Quick Cleaning we care about the health and welfare of our customers, so we carry out rigorous hygiene and safety measures at all times. We understand that each restaurant has unique needs. So, we adapt to their needs and preferences to provide a personalized and high quality service. 

In addition, we strive to maintain close and transparent communication with our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our work.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

For commercial kitchens in Chicago, maintaining impeccable cleanliness is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a crucial aspect of ensuring food safety and compliance with health regulations. Our professional restaurant deep cleaning services Chicago are tailored specifically for busy commercial kitchens, providing thorough and comprehensive cleaning solutions that go beyond surface-level cleanliness. With our team of experienced professionals and specialized equipment, we tackle grease buildup, sanitize surfaces, and eliminate food residues in even the hardest-to-reach areas. Whether you run a restaurant, a catering service, or any other food-related business, our deep cleaning services will leave your kitchen sparkling clean, hygienic, and ready to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Trust us to keep your kitchen in top condition, so you can focus on delivering exceptional culinary experiences to your customers. Schedule your deep cleaning service today and experience the difference for yourself!

How To Book?

1. Book online or at 773-800-2524

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3. Receive a 5-Star Cleaning Service

4. Manage everything online

In under 60 seconds calling us you can book a services. We are the best house cleaners services with guaranteed availability Monday-Sunday 9am-4pm.

Once we receive your request for cleaning service. We will confirm by email and secure your date and time of service.

We will call or text 30-45 min before arriving at your appointment. Our team is completely vetted and have been background-checked with a 5-Star Rating.

You can manage your periodic cleanings online by scheduling them in advance. Leave notes and book more. Other service such as deep cleaning, laundry service.


If you’re tired of your current cleaning service provider and are wondering who offers restaurant cleaning service near me, we’re here to help!

At our commercial cleaning services chicago, we have been working for over 10 years to establish ourselves as a leader in the Chicagoland area and its suburbs. We pride ourselves on offering professional and reliable cleaning services to suit any business and budget.

We know that restaurant cleaning is a difficult task. So, that’s why we take the trust our clients place in us very seriously. Also, we perform security and background checks to ensure that we only send professional and highly reliable people to work in your restaurant.

In addition, we are aware that restaurants have very strict cleaning standards, which is why we use high quality products designed specifically for restaurant cleaning services chicago. These products are safe for your customers and employees and meet all required cleaning standards.

At our restaurant cleaning company, we pledge to work with the same commitment and enthusiasm to ensure that your restaurant sparkles and maintains a healthy environment for everyone. If you are looking for a commercial kitchen cleaning services near me, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trusted by numerous prominent national retailers, Quick Cleaning stands as the premier Commercial Cleaning Service

Specialized restaurant cleaning in Chicago

Specialty cleaning services tailored specifically for Chicago restaurants offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the overall operation and reputation of your establishment. These services go beyond regular cleaning and focus on areas that require specialized attention, such as kitchen equipment, ventilation systems, and hard-to-reach spaces. By addressing these critical areas, specialty cleaning ensures optimal hygiene, reduces the risk of contamination, and maintains compliance with health and safety regulations, ultimately safeguarding the health of your customers and staff.

Additionally, specialty cleaning can improve the longevity and performance of your restaurant’s equipment and infrastructure. Thorough cleaning and maintenance of kitchen appliances, ductwork, and other high-use areas not only prevent costly repairs but also contribute to energy efficiency and operational reliability. With specialty cleaning services, you can enjoy a clean, safe, and efficient restaurant environment that impresses customers and fosters loyalty, leading to increased profitability and success in Chicago’s competitive restaurant industry.

Cleaning for Events In Chicago Since 2010

With over 12 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, our event cleaning service in the bustling city of Chicago stands as a testament to our expertise and dedication. At Quick Cleaning, we understand the dynamic nature of event venues in this Windy City, from elegant banquet halls to chic urban spaces. Our seasoned team, equipped with a wealth of experience, has meticulously cleaned and maintained a diverse range of venues, ensuring each event shines with perfection. Our long-standing presence in the industry speaks volumes about our reliability and professionalism. We take pride in the trust our clients place in us, and we continue to exceed expectations with our thorough pre-event, mid-event, and post-event cleaning services. 

When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a cleaning service; you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record of making Chicago events immaculate and unforgettable.


We offer our professional cleaning services to a wide range of restaurants, including fine dining establishments, cafes, fast-food outlets, and more.

Our comprehensive cleaning services cover all areas of your restaurant, including dining areas, kitchens, restrooms, floors, and any other specific areas as per your requirements.

firstly, Cleaning a restaurant is a thorough process that involves the removal of dirt, debris and contaminants in all areas of the establishment such as kitchen, floors, greasy walls, etc….. so, To do this, a series of steps must be followed, including:

  • Removing garbage and food waste.
  • Washing dishes and cooking utensils, Clean floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Disinfecting food preparation areas and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Cleaning restrooms and service areas.
  • Cleaning windows and doors.

So, It is important to follow a structured and regular cleaning schedule to ensure that high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.

The frequency of cleaning a restaurant depends on several factors, such as the size of the establishment, the number of cleintes. However, in general, daily cleaning and weekly deep cleaning are recommended.

In addition, Weekly deep cleaning should include cleaning and disinfecting areas that are not cleaned daily, such as areas behind shelves and finally under appliances and in corners.

We can work with you to create a customized cleaning schedule that suits your requirements.

Deep cleaning of a restaurant is an intensive process that involves the removal of dirt and debris in all areas of the establishment. so, This type of cleaning is performed to ensure that the establishment is clean and sanitized and to maintain high standards of hygiene.

You can always refer to our terms and conditions for updated information. You must call to cancel your service 24 hrs in advance. Please note there will be a booking fee charged that is non-refundable. If you do not cancel in advance there will be no refund. 

To begin with WE ARE LOCATED 20 minutes FROM PIOTROWSKI LILIAN PARK, ACROSS THE STREET FROM ROMO MATTRESS AND FURNITURE. Finally remember that you can contact us at any time.

You can easily request a quote by contacting us through our website or giving us a call. We will schedule a consultation to assess your restaurant’s cleaning needs and provide a detailed, transparent estimate based on your requirements.


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If you’re unsure about our location, we can be found in a neighborhood renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant commercial scene, and thriving community life in Chicago. More precisely, our establishment is situated at Address3748 W 26th St, Chicago, IL 60623, United States

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quick cleaning restaurant cleaning in chicago illinois
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How to get to Quick Cleaning in Chicago, Illinois?

In order to reach Quick Cleaning, it is important for you to know that we are located at Address: 3748 W 26th St, Chicago, IL 60623, United States, Phone: +1 773-800-2524, as we are located in one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods, Little Village, Chicago.

Quick Cleaning is a cleaning company with a decade of experience, situated in the historic neighborhood of Little Village in Chicago, Illinois. Quick Cleaning is located 10 kilometers from McCormick Place, a massive convention center featuring 4 linked buildings with exhibit halls, meeting rooms & theaters. (How to get from McCormick Place)

We are also located 4 kilometers from the Swap-O-Rama Flea Markets, a indoor-outdoor flea market with free parking running Thursday, Saturday & Sunday with diverse wares.

Finally, Quick Cleaning is located 1 kilometer from Harbor Freight Tools, a retail chain carrying a wide range of tools, hardware & other products for the home, garden & car.

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When it comes to running a successful restaurant Cleaning Services Chicago, maintaining impeccable cleanliness is paramount. Customers not only expect delicious food and excellent service but also a clean and hygienic environment. This is where first-class cleaning services play a crucial role in ensuring the success and reputation of your business.Professional cleaning services for Chicago restaurants offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your establishment. From the kitchen to the dining area and restrooms, every corner is meticulously cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards.

In the kitchen, where food preparation takes place, thorough cleaning of cooking equipment, surfaces, and storage areas is essential to prevent cross-contamination and maintain food safety. Professional cleaners use industry-approved products and techniques to eliminate grease, grime, and bacteria effectively.The dining area is another focal point of cleaning services. Tables, chairs, countertops, and other surfaces are regularly sanitized to ensure a pleasant dining experience for your customers. Floors are also given special attention, with appropriate cleaning methods used depending on the flooring material to achieve a spotless and safe environment.