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Rental Property Cleaning Services Chicago

We have been providing rental property cleaning services for Chicago property owners since 2010. With our dedicated service managers and owners keep their properties in the best shape. Landlords have a big responsibility when it comes to ensuring that their property meets the best cleaning standards for their new tenants. So, do not hesitate. Hire our Rental Property Cleaning Service Chicago. Make your life easier with our top-of-the-line cleaning services.

Why choose Quick Cleaning?

  • A team of professional cleaners will come to your home to finish the cleaning in a same day.
  • All-inclusive service: cleaning personnel, supplies, and equipment. You don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Quality guarantee: we do not consider the cleaning finished until you are fully satisfied.
  • We meet deadlines, we are punctual, careful, and detailed.
rental cleaning

Get to know our rental property cleaning service

  • Service can be scheduled weekly, monthly or on-call as needed. 

  • We provide all necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. 

  • Our staff is trained, uniformed, fully insured. 
  • Our cleaning service consists covers:

    • Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and disinfecting all surfaces and floors.
    • Organizing all living spaces.
    • Empty trash cans.
    • Clean all appliance exteriors.

Rental Property Cleaning Services Chicago

We check every space of your property to deliver a impeccable clean and make sure your property is attractive and ready for your next tenant.


Rental Property Cleaning Services Chicago


  • Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables and chairs.
  • Scrub, and sanitize sinks, counter tops, and backsplashes.
  • Clean range top and exterior oven.
  • Clean appliance exteriors, including inside of toaster and coffee maker.
  • Clean inside microwave.
  • Wash floors.
  • Empty trash.
bathroom cleaning


  • Wash, scrub, and sanitize showers, bathtubs, vanity, sinks, and backsplashes.
  • Wipe and polish mirrors.
  • Clean and sanitize toilets. 
  • Polish chrome.
  • Wash floors and tile walls.
  • Empty waste
  • Replenish hand soap, roll toilet paper, and towels (if provided)
bedroom cleaning

Bedrooms, Living Spaces

  • Walls: remove dust, mirrors, spider webs, lint.
  • Sweeping, vacuuming and/or scrubbing the floor with a mop or mop.
  • Interior cleaning of wardrobes and showcases in the living room.
  • Floor polishing in case it is parquet.
  • Removal/movement of furniture, wardrobes and subsequent cleaning of walls and floors.

Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning chicago

Deep cleaning for rental properties. 

Our deep cleaning service is totally customizable. That is to say, you yourself will be able to choose the extras that you want to clean in each room of your house. Below you can see all the areas that are including in our basic level of cleaning. And in sanitation of buildings.

Interior of Appliances

appliance cleaning

If you are looking for more Deep Cleaning, we also take care of your appliances. We don’t realize how much dust builds up over time inside them. We specialise in:

  • Interior of refrigerator and freezer
  • Interior of Oven 
  • Clean, Wash, Disinfect and remove unwanted food.


Clean and ready for the next tenant to enjoy. Guests expect the best and put their entire vacation in their hands. Don’t let them down by reserving them in a unit. Or house that has dusty tables, scratched windows and dirty floors. Work with an experienced company that cleans short-term host vacation rentals. We have the extensive knowledge to maintain your Airbnb rental apartment.


Our cleaning process for apartments and houses is simple. When we hire our holiday home cleaning service, we start with a thorough cleaning of the place. Now we also perform a complete inventory of all items on the property. We send the same team each cleaning. And the cleaners can identify if something is damaging or missing. This is reporting daily.

Quick Cleaning we use the best brands because we care about our staff and the environment.

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