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Acquiring a new house is exciting, but moving out is usually the most exhausting and stressful. Which, is why we offer affordable move out cleaning services. If at this moment you are about to move out or in, it’s important to clean thouroughly to be able tu turn in your apartment. Our move out cleaning services in Chicago are the perfect solution. 

Same Day Move Out Cleaning Service

Do you need last minute cleaning before you move out or your new tenenant moves in?  You can count on Quick Cleaning to deliver same day service. Simply, contact our office to confirm service and get your cleaning out of the way. Keep in mind, same day service has a 15% fee added to your request. Same day cleaning is booked over the phone at 


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Our cleaning service for move-out is careful and extremely demanding.

You can hire our cleaning service for moving home, cleaning for moving factory or cleaning for moving company.

We believe that a move involves many changes and what better way to start than an integral cleaning, finding an absolutely clean place where you can feel comfortable, free of the worry of disinfecting critical areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, built-in furniture, etc.

A property that was previously occupied requires a deep and meticulous cleaning, we have the machinery and personnel necessary to perform this task efficiently, and alleviate the difficult task involves a move.

Do not hesitate to contact us we have a cleaning service for moving to offer you, which will bring solutions.

How much does it cost for a move out cleaning?

The cleaning service for move-out will depend on the size of the house, whether it is an apartment or a house and the number of rooms and bathrooms that are part of your house. 


$ 169 Flat Rate
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$ 199 Flat Rate
  • Book online in under 60 Seconds.


1750 sqft.
$ 229 Flat Rate
  • Book online in under 60 Seconds.

What is included in a move out cleaning?

We take care of doing a deep move out cleaning service in Chicago. With a team of experts, disinfectant products, special machines, we achieve total disinfection of environments, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Everything we do in one move out cleaning service in Chicago:

– Thorough floor cleaning and polishing
– Disinfection of baths in-depth Removal of tartar Polishing of taps.
– Thorough cleaning of kitchen, oven, tiles, refrigerators, floors (we use steam machines to dissolve grease accumulated over the years).
– Moquette washing (carpets)
– Cleaning of blinds Doors, frames, glass, windows, etc.
– Exterior hydro-washing.

Our service is guaranteed and with expert staff.

We Offer Move Out Cleaning Services to:

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Apartment Move Out Cleaning experts in Chicago

We will make sure to deep clean your apartment in order to get rid of build-up around kitchen areas, bathrooms, baseboards, and window sills. However, if you do not need deep cleaning please use our Apartment Cleaning option instead to save nearly fifty dollars. Move out cleans are recommended if your apartment is in a bad stage and has not had recurring cleaning done within 45 days. 

House Move Out Cleaning Services

Leaving your old house is daunting. At Quick Cleaning, we make this process hassle-free. Our house move-out cleans include a deep cleaning to tackle those areas that have dirt build up over the years. 

Commercial Move Out Cleaning Services

Cleaning workplaces after a move out is essential regardless of whether it is a corporate, department store, convenience store, etc. Keeping it clean can be what makes the difference in attracting new customers, giving a better image and maintaining or increasing the productivity of our staff.

How long does it take for a cleaning service to clean my home?

The time we take to clean your home depends on the amount of staff cleaning the house and the equipment used by the staff, in addition to the thoroughness of the service, as you can request a regular service or a thorough cleaning of each area of your home.

Other factors that determine cleaning time are the size of the house, the number of rooms cleaned, the condition of the house, the frequency of scheduled cleaning, and the number of people and pets living in the house. All of this has an impact on the amount of time it takes to give your home a good cleaning.

What should I clean before moving out of my rental unit?

Moving out of an apartment can be a difficult task. All you’ll want to do is settle into your new home, but you’ll have to work hard to find a new place, take care of transportation, and pack all your belongings. Ensuring that the apartment is very clean could be one of the most important tasks, as it will help you recover your warranty amount. Check every room and clean all the small spaces and appliances, so you can move easily and get all the warranty money.

You need to take care of cleaning the following areas:

  • Clean the oven and the kitchen.
  • Disinfects the dishwasher.
  • Cleans bathrooms.
  • Clean the bedrooms and living room.
  • Clean the exterior.
move out cleaning chicago

Move-in/move-out cleaning for landlords and property managers

If you are the owner or manager of rental units, it is important that you have a reliable cleaning company for cleaning properties for your tenants. As much as it would be good to simply rely on tenants to spotless their property before moving in, sometimes they don’t do that cleaning.

When is the best time to clean your house during a move-out?

Before making this decision you must take into account that objects and areas need cleaning. If you decide to do the cleaning before the move-out, cleaning of the areas will be more effective, removing dust from the objects will help you locate them more agile, but otherwise, you will have less time to deal with other important details.

On the other hand, if you decide to carry out the cleaning after the move-out you can hire a cleaning service company, you can arrive by installing all your objects in the new house. The disadvantage is that cleaning with furniture and objects will be uncomfortable, you will not have the house conditioned at the time to live.

How does our move-in cleaning service work?

First, we take a tour of the house or apartment to familiarize ourselves.

Second, we remove the dust throughout your home.

Finally, we will make sure to refresh your space with a pleasant aroma.

These previous steps are a standard procedure. However, as a reminder, when we move, a deep cleaning is required, which includes the cabinet, the interior of the appliance along with some other extras, so keep this in mind when making the reservation.

What is the move-out cleaning service for? 

Hiring a moving cleaning service is a good idea to:

  • Prepare the space for the next tenant.
  • Make sure your new home or apartment looks clean and tidy.
  • Remove stains from pictures, the marks left by furniture.

How long does a move out cleaning take?

The time it takes a professional moving house cleaning service to clean a house is variable, this time depends on the amount of staff dedicated to cleaning the house, the efficiency of the products used and equipment that is used by the team in addition to the type of service requested, which may include a superficial cleaning for something quick or a deep cleaning.

With a four-person cleaning crew, the estimated time is 60 minutes per 1,000 square feet, this time is calculated for a deep clean up, where each member of the cleaning crew levees to a specific area within the house.

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What is included in a move-out cleaning?

Our moving house cleaning services include:

Thorough cleaning of the bathtub, shower, sinks, toilets, floors, mirrors, lamps, baseboards, inside and outside cabinets and cabinets. 

Cleaning of the kitchen, including the interior and exterior of cabinets and cupboards, of the appliances, ovens, and refrigerators, detailed cleaning of countertops, floors and the kitchen sink.

Cleaning of all other rooms includes vacuuming and dusting the window sills and the remaining carpeted areas, washing all floors and baseboards.

The customer can change the cleaning options according to the budget and the time frame.

Why hire a professional for move-in/move-out cleaning?

Although it may seem like a service far from the possibilities of the majority, the price of cleaning companies is not as exaggerated as is often imagined. In fact, more and more people are opting for this type of service.

1. You will save time

If you decide to leave small daily tasks for cleaning professionals, you may have more time for yourself.

2. You’ll get professional results

As you would expect, the employees of cleaning companies are true professionals in the sector. This means they know which products to use and how to clean different materials and surfaces.

3. You will gain in health

Good hygiene is one of the most important factors in preventing disease and allergies. This is especially important in homes where people with allergies to dust, respiratory or skin problems live.

4. They include all the legal guarantees

Professional cleaning companies have insurance to cover any damage or accident at work that may arise from cleaning work.

5. Flexible working hours

The most common thing is that cleaning companies seek to adapt to the schedules of those who hire them. Their objective is to offer them a cleaning service that can be adapted to their needs so that it does not interfere with their daily activity.

How do you deep clean an apartment before move out?

Before starting moving your things it’s necessary that you hire a deep cleaning service that performs this work for you because although it is common for previous occupants to leave the house clean before leaving, it is not something that is strictly enforced.

Our cleaning company is responsible for carrying out this activity in detail, we start by removing dust from surfaces, lamps, and windows. Then we take care of the deep cleaning of the bathrooms and finish with the sweeping and mopping of the floors.

What reasons can a landlord keep my deposit?

In most cases, this deposit is returned to the tenant at the end of the lease. However, there are situations where the landlord has the right to withhold it and make use of it, we share them with you below.

Damage caused by normal use that the landlord cannot collect

  • Worn or scratched carpets, staves, and floors.
  • Worn, peeled or dyed paint.
  • Fractures in the structure caused by situations foreign and uncontrollable to the tenant (this is the case of earthquakes).
  • Wear in installations (electrical, gas or water).

Deterioration caused by the tenant that the owner can charge.

  • Broken windows, doors, or floors.
  • Fractures or holes in walls (provided they are not structural).
  • Burns in any area.
  • Excess dirt.
  • Misuse of facilities.

At the end of the contract, the owner will have a term (usually 60 days) to use the deposit in the benefits of the property. If everything is in good condition and there are no debts or irregularities, you must return the security deposit.

The best move in cleaning services in Chicago

We offer the best service you need to clean your new or old house. We understand our customers’ concerns when we move and make the most of a frustrating experience. For many years, our clients continue to appeal to us because we provide quality care.

This extensive service is fast and above all at a competitive price.

Last-minute move-out? Don’t worry! If the move has taken longer than you expected and you are too tired to think about cleaning your old and new home. We have quality cleaning services. So go ahead, get your moving boxes and pack your things that we carry our products to perform the cleaning.

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