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Move-Out Inspection Checklist

Move-Out Inspection Checklist

Countless times have we mentioned how daunting and stressful a moving day is. It is truly difficult. It requires planning, hiring people, packing, and the whole show. And while we could delve again into all that, we want to be a bit more practical today. We want to focus solely on the inspection. The inspection will depend on the landlord. Some have a specific list while others do their own. Every landlord is different about this matter but most follow the same things. In this post, we want to focus a bit more on the move-out inspection checklist. So, read on to learn about this.

Is a checklist really necessary?

Yes, whichever way you look at it, it is necessary. Having a move-out inspection list will ensure that everything is checked in the right way. This will help the landlord see that their property is in good condition. There are a lot of templates online that most tenants can get. Thankfully, most of them have the same things you need to prepare before moving out of the house or apartment.

Move-Out Inspection Checklist


The floor is an important part of the checklist. A floor in bad condition can be very obvious to all people. If there are furniture marks or paint, this can be a problem for getting the security deposit back.


Same as the floor. Walls tend to not get as dirty as the floor, but they can get. Some kids love to draw on them and some people hang things on them and it also leaves marks. It is important to remove them before the inspection.

Move-Out Inspection Checklist

Doors & Windows

These things come as obvious ones but it is important to care for them. All doors will be checked. Same with windows. The latter does not take a lot of damage but there can be some stains. And doors are almost always in perfect condition unless you broke them or damaged them.

Light fixtures

Landlords love leaving these until the end. Believe it or not, light fixtures are an important part of the move-out inspection checklist. If there’s any damage or they are in poor condition, then you might not see the full deposit back. You can check all this before moving out though. And if you hire a cleaning service they can spy on some of these things as well. So always get some extra help before your move-out inspection.