Construction Cleaning Services

We have experience in post construction cleaning Chicago, we will be responsible for construction debris removal to fine detailing, always keeps your property looking spotless. As a result, we offer this value-added service with the flexibility to work around your schedule.

Post-Construction Cleaning Service

When the remodeling project is finished or, once all the construction debris has been collected, it’s time to call us.

Our expert cleaners will remove all dust and particle build up. Additionally, will throw out any left over construction materials. Rest assured, we will take care of any cleaning required to get your home or business back in shape in no time. So, when we complete our service, you will be ready to start decorating and use the space.

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Our post-construction cleaning services include:

Post Construction Cleaning

  • Vacuuming construction dust.
  • Interior Window Cleaning.
  • Cleaning Lights, fans and fixtures.
  • Polishing of toilets.
  • Dust air vents.
  • Floors.
  • Vacuum window sills and moldings.
  • Vacuuming carpets.


In addition to cleaning you’re home and commercial thoroughly for post-construction work, we perform different cleaning services like Residential Cleaning Service Chicago Commercial Cleaning Services ChicagoSame day cleaning serviceMove In – Move Out Cleaning Service Chicago, House Cleaning Chicago, and Apartment Cleaning.

Why work with Quick Cleaning:

  • We provide all commercial quality supplies and equipment.

  • We are fully authorized and insured.

  • Expert Post Construction Cleanup Professionals

  • Quality satisfaction guaranteed.

What is included in post-construction house cleaning?

If you remodeled your house, cleaning after construction is done in 3 stages. Although it sometimes depends on the size of your project, you may not need all three stages, but only one of the services.

Interiors cleaning

Before finishing the construction, and adding the final element, it is important to clean the floors to ensure a clean and safe installation. This type of cleaning includes:

  • Sweeping and preparation of the subsoil.
  • Wash all interior windows.
  • Remove dust from surfaces.
  • Final cleaning of the interior.

Next, a more complete and detailed interior cleaning should be done. The final cleaning is included:

  • Elimination of dust, dirt, marks of the walls.
  • Clean the dust from the lamps/fans.
  • Clean all ornaments, including baseboards and door and window frames.
  • Cleaning of the sides, sides and upper parts of the doors.
  • Cleaning of floors, ventilation ducts, and windows.Removal of plastic covers, adhesives, and garbage.

Exteriors Cleaning

The exterior is cleaned when large-scale renovations, additions or new constructions have been carried out. In cleaning the exterior we take care of:

  • Remove excess garbage and leave everything cleared for gardening arrangements.
  • Washing of windows and doors on the outside.
  • Remove dust from the entrance.
  • Clean paved areas.
  • Elimination of dust in outdoor lanterns.

Limits of our after-construction cleaning services

Our cleaning company does not have the necessary equipment to perform the collection of debris generated after a construction.

However, we would be happy to recommend a local construction debris removal company if you wish.

In addition, we recommend contacting a renting a dumpster company, which will help you keep the rubble in one place.


Post Construction Rates

Post Construction

1 hour service
$ 110 Flat Rate
  • Recommended Call to Book 773-800-2524

Expert Post Construction Cleaning in Chicago

What is post construction cleaning? Well, this cleaning is usually performed for newly remodeled homes or businesses. However, they can also apply to thome small home renovation projects that get messier than expected. Keep in mind, most post construction cleaning will not include heavy lifting of large debri left by construction companies. Therefore, most cleanups will focus on dust and particle cleaning. 

Why should you hire a construction cleaning company instead of doing it yourself?

As an experienced company in post construction cleaning we will take care of disposing and hasardous materials. Similarly, construction materials with sharp nails or egdes can pose great danger and proper equipment is necesary to handle these materials. So, doing the removal and cleaning process can be quite an ordeal. 


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