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Are you looking for deep cleaning services in Chicago? If you want to be sure that your services will really make things sparkle, look no further we can do it for you.  This is the best way to ensure that your house starts spotless and stays that way. Over time, parts of your home – especially kitchens and bathrooms – can accumulate dirt, grease, and grime that a regular cleaning just can’t handle. When you book our service, we take care of all those areas, since the following extras are automatically included: inside cabinets, inside the fridge, inside the oven. Connect with the best service in Chicago.

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What is deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning differs from regular cleaning because it reaches the deep dirt of your home.

This type of cleaning covers areas that are not traditionally covered in regular cleaning, for example:

  • Behind the kitchen appliances.
  • Under the sink.
  • Inside the oven.
  • Interior window frames and interior and outside of all the windows.
  • Cleaning the blinds.
  • Full and deep dust from the corners of the rooms.

deep cleaning services chicagoAbout our Services in Chicago

When we begin our service we paying attention to the areas where not much attention is paid in the regular cleanings. In addition, we take attention to the common areas of the house, we focus on countertops, appliances, chairs, windows, sinks, and faucets. We focus on bathrooms, cleaning the bathtub, shower, mirrors and toilet, dust off everything. Then we dedicate ourselves to vacuum the furniture to finish cleaning the floors.

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How much does it cost to deep clean a house?

When the deep cleaning of a house or apartment is carried out, it is cleaned beyond the dust on the surface, the dirt that accumulates on the fan blades and inside the refrigerator drawers. As deep cleaning requires more time, effort and the use of sometimes special cleaning products, the cost of this type of cleaning is greater than that of a standard cleaning.

The average price for deep cleaning is starting at $110, varies according to the size of the property and how deep the cleaning will be.

How often should I deep clean my house?

It’s recommended that at the beginning of each season you perform a thorough cleaning of your home to remove the accumulation of dirt and to get rid of objects that are no longer useful.

Spring Deep Cleaning

The change of season is an ideal time to do a thorough house cleaning. Follow these steps and the keys you’ll find below and you’ll get it easily and efficiently.
After several cold months with the house closed, the first thing you have to do to clean the house thoroughly is to ventilate well. How? Opening the windows wide, vacuum throughout the house to remove dust and do not forget to move the sofa, tables, and chairs.

Summer Deep Cleaning

Basically, it is the thorough cleaning of the whole house coinciding with summer. In order to carry it out the ideal thing is to begin ventilating well and to continue with a good review in all the rooms of inside-outside, including the interiors of the closets. The kitchen, bathrooms, upholstery, inside wardrobes and drawers and storeroom, are the main rooms that stand out for this cleaning.

Fall Deep Cleaning

With temperature changes, our daily habits and activities change. During the summer we open windows, let in the sun and the breeze, we are more sociable, we have more plans, and we can even receive unexpected visits that require an express cleaning. With the arrival of autumn, we spend more time at home to take refuge from the temperature that begins to drop. With the change of season, we should perform a deep cleaning to remove dust and dirt accumulated in summer. Planning effective cleaning in autumn will allow us to enjoy our house much more.

Winter Deep Cleaning

Organizing and cleaning the house in winter can be a big challenge, and there is some care that should be taken into account for washing the heaviest fabrics, such as carpets, blankets, and covers. The truth is that this time is more conducive to cleaning the house in winter and for the accumulation of dust and moisture, perfect conditions for the appearance of mites and, consequently, allergies.

It is at this height of the year that it is recommended to do a general cleaning of the wardrobes, to get rid of what is not used, to wash certain covers and blankets that do not see the light of the sun for a few months, and to organize the house.

What is included in deep cleaning services?

When hiring an apartment cleaning service, it is likely that you will have to hire a deep cleaning service from the first moment, this type of service is recommended for all new customers of our company. But what exactly does this service consist of? It means that almost every corner of your home will receive special attention. A deep cleaning is ideal when you are moving house and when you own houses for rent.

A deep clean is a good idea if you are planning to move, throwing a party or planning a special event.

A deep cleaning service is to remove deep dirt from your home. We cover areas that are not normally covered in a regular cleaning service.

Some services we offer when you contract a deep cleaning service with us are:

– Remove scale and soap scum from showerheads, faucets, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc.

– Clean behind appliances such as the oven, washing machine and cut through the dirt that often accumulates.

– Deep and thorough cleaning including baseboards and doors in all rooms.

– Wash the interior windows of the house.

– Cleaning of patio doors and window frames

– Cleaning the interior of the furnace and the glass door

Deep cleaning is more thorough than a regular cleaning service. This is the main reason why you pay more when you hire professionals. It also takes longer to complete.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

What to Clean How often to Clean
Microwave Every Week
Refrigerator Every Month
Oven When it starts to smell
Bathtubs, Showers Every Week
Showerheads Once a Year
Windows  Every Three to Six months

What is office deep cleaning?

Our company is able to serve all types of organizations, offices, businesses, commercial premises and warehouses.

We offer services under contracts, as well as periodic or occasional cleaning.

This type of cleaning is done periodically depending on the traffic in the areas or offices.

It consists of moving all furniture and cleaning and disinfecting areas that are not normally exposed, areas of difficult access such as areas in heights, walls, removal of marks, cleaning windows, frames and stained glass.


The Benefits of hiring us

It is not necessary to clean your house thoroughly every time you request cleaning services, but if it is a regular action, to prevent dust, dirt, and stains from being part of your home. That’s why we make sure your house looks good at performing a detailed and thorough system.

It’s time to clean!

If you’re just tired of looking at the same old dirty marks or your oven is starting to look like an oil slick, we can help you remember why you love your home in the first place.

Deep Cleaning Cost

Deep Cleaning

$ 229 Flat Rate
  • Recommended Call to Book 773-800-2524

Deep Cleaning

Apartment 1 bed/1bath
$ 169 Flat Rate
  • Recommended Call to Book 773-800-2524​

 Services for the Entire Home

In your home, we perform.

  • First, we vacuum the dust on shelves, windows, lighting fixtures and upper cabinets where it is difficult to access.
  • Second, we decontaminated the faucets in the house.
  • Third, we take care of the ventilation covers by washing them with warm water and soap.
  • Fourth, we take care of the windows, of removing the cobwebs.
  • Fifth, the blades of ceiling fans are cleaned.
  • Sixth, we eliminate stains on carpets and upholstery.
  • Seventh, we take care of the doors and frames to eliminate stains.
  • Eighth, disinfected trash receptacles, recycling bins.
  • Ninth, we eliminate the dirt from sofa and chairs that accumulate between the folds, under and behind them.
  • Tenth, we take care of cleaning the cabinets and drawers from the inside out.

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deep cleaning services chicago
deep cleaning services chicago
deep cleaning services chicago
deep cleaning services chicago

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