AirBNB Cleaning Checklist

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AIRBNB 2022 Cleaning Checklist​

If you made the wise decision to rent a room, annex, or your entire home to become a commercial partner of AIRBNB. It is very important that as a new business strategist, be very aware and make a checklist to verify that all spaces in your home are extremely clean. The AIRBNB organization is very demanding in the matter of cleaning; therefore you as a future supplier must hire a recognized cleaning company. Especially with a long history in a vacation rental or Airbnb cleaning service. Read our Airbnb Cleaning Checklist today!

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  1. Completely empty all furniture and drawers to clean and disinfect thoroughly, in order to eliminate food leftovers. Later everything is fixed again, in a very organized way.
  2. Thoroughly inspect electrical appliances such as: blender, oven, refrigerator, cooker, electric grill, electric knife, food processor, coffee maker, etc. With the purpose of applying cleaning products that are not abrasive and remove grease.
  3. Examine the dishwasher to perform an integral disinfection, with special products for this purpose. Perform, a similar procedure with all cutlery.
Airbnb Cleaning-Bathroom Checklist


  1. Apply all cleaning products on the toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, bidet, ceramic and sliding doors, for a a few minutes. Then remove them by scrubbing them and performing total disinfection.
  2. Make sure you stock towels, toilet paper, hand soap.
Airbnb Cleaning-Living Room Checklist


  1. Evaluate very well the type of furniture, floors, windows, curtains and other common areas. Depending on the type of product and accessories to be used.
  2. Vacuum and apply special products on all furniture, for hygiene and cleaning. Likewise, the procedure is carried out if the floors have carpet, if not; all the spaces are swept and then disinfected with a mop.
Airbnb Cleaning-Bedroom Checklist


  1. Clean, disinfect and organize the closet globally.
  2. Carefully organize the cleanliness of the bed and other furniture in the room.
  3. Change the sheets and make the bed.
  4. Evaluate the type of floor in the room, to vacuum and apply foam for total disinfection if you have carpet. Otherwise, wash the floors with cleaning gel.
  5. Organize room and remove any items in drawers or closets. 

Aside from these tips we also recommend you use an air diffuser or aromatherapy to keep your place smelling fresh.

As a reminder, Airbnb has strong cleaning requirements for all properties. In fact, they even allow you to include a cleaning fee into your rates. So why not hire a professional Airbnb cleaning company that will give you peace of mind. After all, you should be focusing on expanding your listing and accommodating your guest.

 If you want a responsible cleaning company, with experience in vacation rentals or Airbnb cleaning services in Chicago, do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be at your service so that the  Airbnb cleaning checklist of 100% is fulfilled.

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