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Weekly Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Weekly Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

All medical facilities need cleaning. There are some tasks that should be done every day. But there are others that are best done on a weekly basis. By having a weekly schedule you can control a lot of what goes on in your medical office. Today we bring you a weekly medical office cleaning checklist. Check what you have to do each week and what areas need more care than others, this tasks is easier by relying on a Medical Office Cleaning Services Chicago.

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Office Furniture

Cleaning is something that people think can’t be done on a daily basis.  Furniture is used by everyone but some may need a deep cleaning. You can’t do this during office hours and you shouldn’t do it every day. People want to go home as soon as possible and avoid staying. Medical office rules require constant cleaning. But furniture can be done once on weekends. 

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weekly medical office cleaning checklist

The best way to handle these situations is to create a cleaning plan with support from a Medical Office Cleaning Chicago.

Conference Rooms


These rooms are only used by the staff inside. It is rare or impossible to have a patient inside. For this reason, we recommend leaving these rooms for a weekly scheduled cleaning. They do not get as dirty and are not used as often. Unless you have a lot of meetings. But whatever the case may be, it is best to leave them for the end of the week cleaning.

By relying on a chicagos Medical Office Cleaning In Chicago you will ensure the proper cleaning of this furniture, many times finding the liquid solution is very complicated, with a cleaning service things change because they provide all the material with which they will clean.


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Most people argue that the front desk needs to be cleaned daily. And we agree. The reception is one of the most used places and with the way the world is nowadays we have a little more risk of germs. You can do the regular cleaning at the end of your shift but leave the deep cleaning for a weekly task. This in some cases where you don’t have so much patient traffic, but it is best to do deep cleaning daily.


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