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How To Prepare Your Pet For moving

How to prepare your pet for moving

When we move our pets can be as stressed as we are, being a difficult process, they can feel restless as soon as they see you packing and even when they arrive at the new home it can be difficult to help them get used to it and return to their usual routine is that’s why here we teach you how to prepare your pet for moving.


Get ahead of time to update your pet’s tag information, new phone numbers and new address. Also check the nearest veterinarian.

Take your pets for walks in the area near the new home or even better get them acquainted with the new home in advance by allowing them to explore, smell and begin to recognize it.


Your pet's things


Put all your pet’s belongings in one box, label it respectively for easy identification. Keep the water bowl and his food separate so that they are close at hand, as well as his favorite toy.

Consider the bed as an important object for your pet, consider that the way your pet sees it is somewhat different from yours. Be sure not to wash their bed for at least the first 2 weeks after moving. 

This only applies to some breeds of dog or cat, if you think it is necessary for some extraordinary complication get a special transport box.

Make sure that the transport box is adequate for space and ventilation for your pet.



Space for your pet

It is necessary that after recognizing the house your pet has some freedom to choose its spaces. Animals are guided by smells and he needs to settle in, to feel safe. All this will help him to adapt. We hope that this post on How to prepare your pet for the move
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