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Short-Term Rental Tools Every Host Needs

Short-Term Rental Tools Every Host Needs

As we’ve mentioned countless times, there isn’t a manual for new hosts. Yes, there are some tips online and you can find some good help out there. Yet, that isn’t enough. Those who are aiming to become super hosts need more than what Airbnb offers. Every host needs some extra help. That is why today we want to list some short-term rental tools every host needs. So, if you want to expand your tool repertoire, we have some useful information here. Read on to learn how you can make your life as a host easier with these tools.

Google Analytics

If you’ve made a website for your property, that is awesome! However, you can’t just leave your website there without checking what’s going on in the background. Google Analytics is one of those short-term rental tools every host needs. Why? It tells you all about the impact your website has on visitors. Especially, how many visitors it gets every day. You can filter by month, day, or even year. It is a very useful tool everyone should have.

Short Term Rental Tools

Google Data Studio

While this one also helps a bit with tracking the numbers of people who visit your property’s website, it has some extra functions. It helps with the accessibility of your site. This is important for those who want to make their website as easy to use as possible. If you care about that, you can’t miss this tool for your site.

Short Term Rental Tools For Hosting

Social media

This is a big one but in general, you need social media. Any and all work. From Facebook to Instagram. You should always find your niche and start posting on that social media platform. This will attract potential guests and make things more attractive for everyone who gets a glimpse of your listing. So, don’t wait any longer and get these tools. You’ll see the improvement in no time.

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