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Commercial Cleaning Procedures For Every Industry

Commercial cleaning procedures for every industry

To create and maintain a hygienic, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing physical environment, cleaning and conditioning must be performed, with its corresponding furniture and equipment. That’s why in this post we bring you the commercial cleaning procedures for each industry hoping it will be useful for you. Ensure a hygienic environment by supporting yourself with a medical office cleaning in chicago!

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Differentiate yourself with cleaning

The best way to fight the competition is to work better than companies operating in the same market. And one way to differentiate yourself from the competition is the application of cleaning protocols, establishing efficient cleaning and waste management procedures if necessary to ensure a clean and safe environment. Obviously according to the needs and according to the location. 

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Different businesses require different cleaning procedures. It is not the same to clean an office, a dining room, the white areas of a health center or the laboratory of a pharmaceutical or chemical company. Each of these spaces requires a specific cleaning method. To get started we recommend: Why Is The Cleaning Of Commercial Premises Important?.

Dental Clinic Cleaning Protocol


It starts with a general cleaning where waste is eliminated and the elements are prepared for safe handling. It is necessary and basic to have a facility cleaned by a medical office cleaning company chicago and prepared for clients. The facilities should be cleaned every day after the working day.

Instrument pre-washing: Instrument pre-washing is the process of mechanically removing visible organic debris to facilitate subsequent disinfection and sterilization. It is important to use adequate protection, goggles, mask and cleaning gloves to avoid direct contact with the instruments and other contaminated devices before starting. Additionally we recommend you this post: Key Tips For Commercial Cleaning.


After pre-washing, disinfection is necessary. Disinfection is less lethal than sterilization because it does not destroy all microbial forms. Finally we recommend you: Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning Is Important.

Manual disinfection: after pre-washing with enzymatic agents, the instruments must completely immersed in a specific cleaning container with a high-level disinfectant. 


Mechanical disinfection: All material used for mechanical disinfection, such as lids, reservoir, gaskets and filters, must be cleaned daily. Also, the cleaning liquid should be changed at least twice a day (or when it appears to be heavily contaminated).

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