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5-Step Decluttering Process

5-Step Decluttering Process

We all know that decluttering isn’t a fun thing to do. Cluttering isn’t either but it happens without us noticing. Somedays we just use one day and move it to another place and before we realize it, we have a pile of clutter. This is bad because it won’t be only one pile, it’ll transform into two, three, and more. But, don’t worry! Today we have a 5-step decluttering process you should follow at all times. So, read on to learn all the things you can do to keep your home clutter-free.

Start with trash

The fastest and easiest thing you can do to start the 5-step decluttering process is to throw out the trash. Trash is evident and easy to pick up. Most of the time what we leave around the house is something that has no use anymore. So, throwing it out is the best thing you can do. Now, you can recycle everything you pick up. Well, what is possible to recycle. So, you’re not only cleaning but you’re also turning your trash into something new.

5 Step Decluttering Tips

Pick the obvious things

By this point, we mean picking up the things that are obvious to pick up. Also, the things that have a specific spot in the house. There are always things that end up in a place they shouldn’t be in. Thankfully, most of these things are easy to move and arrange once more.

Obvious clutter

Now, while above we talk about the obvious things that have a spot at home, there is also obvious clutter. Obvious because we know it needs to go out. Or be donated. It will be up to you in the end, but the reality is that this clutter has to go. Yes or yes. So, if you already have a pile of it just decide what to do with it.

5 Step Decluttering System

The need questions

There are two questions you have to ask. If you need an item, where should it go? And, if you need an item, do you really need a second one? Depending on what you answer you can make the decluttering process a lot easier. If it has a spot, it goes there. But if you already have one object, you don’t need a second one.

Make things fit

Finally, what you can do is buy some organizers for your home. There are some great ones that go with every type of house. These organizers allow things to be in one specific place without issue. Plus, your house will look great.

Now, if the clutter is too much, don’t hesitate on hiring a cleaning service such as us. We’ll be happy to help with the decluttering process in your house.