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Airbnb Cleaning Protocol 2022

Airbnb Cleaning Protocol 2022

Thankfully, each year the world has been recovering little by little. We can see it everywhere. For this spring break, people are already packing their bags and booking an Airbnb to go outside and enjoy the break. For people who are looking to rent or list there is one thing, they need to know. The Airbnb Cleaning Protocol 2022 has in store for us. Check the basic requirements for renting or listing in this post. Get ready for a safe vacation by following these guidelines and giving your guests the best experience they could ask for.


All spaces in the house need preparation beforehand. This includes ventilating all the rooms to let any smell out. Use disinfectants that are approved in all areas of the house. This is one step you can’t overlook. Place labels on any cleaning product you’re leaving inside the house. And of course, wash and disinfect your hands.

Airbnb Cleaning Protocol of 2022


The part we know a lot about. Depending on the property the steps may vary. But the first ones are always the same. Sweeping if your property has tiles or hardwood. Vacuuming if it has a carpet. After that make sure everything is washed and clean. Blankets, laundry, dishes, all of it.


After cleaning this is what you have to do. Sanitize the whole area. Airbnb has strict requirements when it comes to sanitizing. Before listing your property you have to make sure all is in order and clean.


Verify that everything’s in place. Don’t leave products laying around and put sanitizing stations around the house. Make sure guests have everything they might need at hand. Towels, pillows, and more.

Airbnb Cleaning Protocol Updated


Rinse and repeat. By that we mean do not reuse any items that were used by other guests. Try to give every guest something new that hasn’t been used. This will be a lot better for them and safer for all.

And that’s what the Airbnb Cleaning Protocol 2022 has for us. Follow us for more updates regarding Airbnb Turnover and call if you need a service for your property.