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Bi-Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Tasks

These days time is of the essence. A lot of people are working outside again. Kids are going to school on a normal schedule. We are practically back to normal. And while that is good it can also affect our time to do some things. In this case, cleaning. Today we tell you which are the bi-weekly cleaning tasks you need to keep an eye out for. Add these ones to your cleaning tasks so you can have an easier time when tidying up your home.

Keep your towels clean

Be it for us or guests, towels tend to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A lot of people use them and some people do not have the same scrutiny when washing their hands. Wash your towels on a bi-weekly frequency. This will prevent bacteria spread in all senses.

Bi Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Vacuum the entry mats

Same as towels, entry mats can host a lot of germs too. As you know, due to cleaning regulations, we need to clean the soles of our shoes constantly. Our entry mats house everything we have on them. It is good to make a bi-weekly schedule for them. Plus, nothing gives your home a better look than a clean entry mat.

Mop the kitchen

The kitchen is a high-traffic area. Everyone uses it. Be it for cooking or for that late snack some days. Mopping it on a bi-weekly schedule could be a great benefit for your home. Also, remember, when cooking a lot of things get spilled. This can attract unwanted visitors like insects or more. Keep the kitchen clean to avoid these things.

Bi Weekly Cleaning Tips

Clean your kids' toys and play areas

Finally, one of the bi-weekly cleaning tasks we have for you is to clean your kids’ toys and play area. Kids play with others and if they are in daycare they can grab one or more unwanted germs. Make sure to clean them constantly to avoid any infection at home.
And that’s it. As you can see there are just a few cleaning tasks you can do twice a week that’ll help. For more cleaning recommendations remember to follow us.

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