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Cleaning After An Office Party

Cleaning After An Office Party

Parties. They are amazing. The true moment when all of us can relax. Meet co-workers outside of the normal working environment and enjoy ourselves. And while the party is amazing and thankfully, according to the CDC, we can have parties now. The aftermath isn’t that great. Why? Cleaning. Yes, cleaning is a hassle and we can’t deny that. But, don’t worry. There are some great tips to follow when it comes to cleaning after an office party. So, read on to learn what you can do for your office cleaning duties.

It all starts with planning

The best way of cleaning after an office party is to prevent most of the cleaning. Yes, that is right. So, what we always do and recommend is making a pre-party checklist. What do you need though? Well, here are some things:
  • Place trash cans where the party is going to be. Most of the time people tend to throw their garbage where they shouldn’t. Or worse, they leave it on the desk. Place trash cans strategically to avoid extra cleaning.
  • Buy mats. This is only if your office has a carpet. Buy some mats for people to clean their shoes. If they do that, they won’t stain your carpet.
  • Have disposable tablecloths on all desks and tables. This is the best you can do to avoid food residues. Just pick it up and throw it away.
cleaning after an office party
Cleaning After An Office Party

After party cleaning

Now, for the aftermath. If you followed the previous steps then you are almost finished. The remaining thing you have to do are as follows:
  • Clean the big pieces of garbage like bottles or decorations
  • Clean every spillage you see right away. This will prevent stains from sinking into the floor.
  • Sanitize all surfaces. This is a regulation nowadays.
  • Vacuum your carpet. To get rid of any crumbs or more.
With this, your office will be back in top condition and ready to host another party or actually, just for a normal working day. And, for any office cleaning needs, remember to contact us. We are your #1 option for all office cleaning-related topics!

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