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Post Event Cleaning Checklist

Post Event Cleaning Checklist

Your event or party has finished. You are ready to go home and rest after hosting the event. But, are you really ready to go home? As you know, in some events, the host or hosts are in charge of the cleaning. If this is your case then you must know that cleaning is essential before handing the venue back. And, today we have a handy post event cleaning checklist for you and everyone that hosts a party or event. Learn what you need to do before leaving the venue as it was before the party.

Empty the trash

To make things a lot faster, what you can do is just pick up everything from the tables and if it is ready to be thrown, do it. Then just zip those bags and throw them away. If you keep garbage bins in strategic places, people will find it easier to get rid of any garbage. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

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Clean windows and mirrors

Guests tend to leave their fingerprints all around. Some of them make a lot of stains on windows, mirrors, and even glass doors. While people are taking out the garbage you can assign people to wipe down and clean mirrors and doors. This will be of great help when you’re going through your post event cleaning checklist.

Fold up all tables and chairs

When it comes to furniture, you should make haste in folding everything in the venue. Doing so will ensure that the floor is easier to clean. The wider and emptier the space, the faster everything will be. So, make sure to do this as soon as you finish the previous tasks.

post event cleaning checklist

Finish with the floor

After doing the former tasks, you can go ahead and start with the floor. Also, finish with it. People leave stains, spill drinks, and more. You can always leave the floor up to the end.

However, if you prefer to rest after the event, consider hiring a post event cleaning service. You won’t regret doing it. An extra pair of hands will do wonders and help you get back home a lot faster and fulfill any cleaning regulations.

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