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Pre-Event Cleaning Checklist

Pre-Event Cleaning Checklist

The day’s here. Your event is a few hours away from starting. You sent the invitations. Everyone sent their RSVP back. The catering service will arrive later. Everything is sailing smoothly. But wait, you hired a cleaning service for an event cleaning. But, did they do everything correctly? Well, do not fret! Today we bring you our own pre-event cleaning checklist. Learn what to look for when hiring an event cleaning service. Keep an eye out for these things before your party begins.

Vacuum and Mopping

The first thing you have to check is the vacuuming and mopping. Depending on the floor you have you’ll need either. Check every nook and cranny to make sure there’s nothing left to mop or vacuum. Floors are one of the first impressions of a party. Take care of them thoroughly.


Get some nice table sheets

Venues usually have their own. But, we’ve heard situations when they are not as clean as needed. Make note of this and keep an eye out for any table sheets. People are going to be sitting and eating. Give them the cleanest table you can imagine.


Bathroom Cleaning

One important thing to do is clean the bathroom as well as it can be. There’s nothing worse than having a great venue with bad bathrooms. Or at least dirty. If bathrooms have a bad aspect people will talk about it. Plus, clean bathrooms are required by regulations so, it is necessary.

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Outside cleaning

People will be arriving left and right. There are a few places to keep an eye out for when hosting an event. The entryway and the parking lot. People get off their cars in elegant outfits. If the parking lot is dirty that’ll ruin their experience. Same with the entryway. Not only will this give your event’s first impression, but it can also create a conflict for guests. Clean these two places and you’ll be good to go!

That’s it for our pre-event cleaning checklist. For more commercial cleaning tips remember to follow us. And, if you have any questions do not hesitate on asking.


There is nothing worse during an event than finding out there isn’t more toilet paper or paper towels. One of the things that can make or break your event is restocking. If you do it beforehand, then you’re good to go. However, if you forget to put everything as it should, you’ll run into problems. Restocking is something that you should focus on once the venue is clean. Or at least the majority of it. This will make restocking a lot easier in many ways. You can check what is missing and add everything accordingly. So, if the event is due, try to split the work. Have people clean the venue while others restock. This will make everything in the event faster and better for all.

Get rid of bad smells

No matter the size of a venue, one thing is for sure, everything will have bad smells. In the case of a venue, it can be hard to get rid of them. Especially in the bathroom. While sometimes people do not have access to the venue days before the event, it is important to find a way to get rid of bad smells. There are a lot of cleaning products that can get rid of them. However, if you are in a hurry and need to ensure there are no bad smells, you can do some stuff for that. Get some baking soda and white vinegar. We have recommendations about using baking soda for cleaning. Most of it is for homes but it works for businesses too. So, you can get those materials for cleaning.

Remove the clutter

Believe it or not, cluttered spaces can also take place in a venue. With a lot of things going on in the place, you will need to take care to pick up everything after using it. The preparation day is usually the hardest. And that is because you have to do everything hours before the event. Well, it depends on how soon you can use the venue but yes, it tends to be the same day. So, in the rush, people might be running around and leaving things laying there. So, it is important to make a habit of cleaning after using it. If not, the clutter will grow. Hence, making guests uncomfortable seeing it. The places you need to be extra careful with this are the food serving stations, entrance, and the dance floor. Make sure to pick every single thing up.

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After the event

While this guide is only about pre-event cleaning, there are some things to keep in mind after the event. Why? Preparation is key and cleaning beforehand will ensure a smooth post-event cleaning. Right now we have a few things to recommend.
The first one is, preparing all cleaning supplies and tools. If you make the habit of leaving everything close at hand, the cleaning will be easier. If you already cleaned the venue before the party, then make sure to put everything close and easy to access. Things like tools and cleaning products. This will make a huge difference when cleaning once the event is finished. Also, it is a lot faster and that is something we all want. Cleaning after a great event is tedious. And while you can get a post-event cleaning service to do the required cleaning. You can also do it yourself with preparation.

Clean Stains

Even if everything is prepared there is one thing that you won’t be able to clean beforehand. And that is stains. Stains appear during the event. And the majority of them are sticky. Spillage is inevitable so cleaning is at hand. We recommend getting rid of stains first. Even if you’ll clean them eventually, it is better to start with that. While people are picking up the tables, folding the chairs, and putting everything back in its place. Others can get on the floor cleaning. Also remember, some stains should be cleaned as soon as possible. Depending on the liquid, removing it might be easier or more difficult. So, it is recommended you get on that soon.
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Hire some extra help

Now, we all know that cleaning isn’t fun. Especially after a great event. People just want to rest, talk about what happened, and just continue enjoying their evening. So, by hiring professional event cleaners, you’ll be good. That is the fastest way to get through the pre-event cleaning checklist.  Here in Quick Cleaning, we have been serving all of Chicago for more than a decade. Our company specializes in commercial cleaning. We believe that every cleaning process should be done to its highest standard, and that is how we work. So, if you are in need of some pre or post-event cleaning, call us. We offer free quotes for any commercial cleaning service. So, do not way any longer, we are here to help you. Get ready to enjoy your event without any worries about the cleaning. Leave everything to us today!