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Cleanliness As A Differentiator For Your Business

Cleanliness As A Differentiator For Your Business

Shoppers value cleanliness and hygiene much more than other aspects they may tolerate or overlook. Cleanliness as a differentiator for your business is a process that will allow you to distinguish your business from the competition by making your customers feel more comfortable and not generate any stress when entering your business.

Today's consumer

For today’s consumer, shopping is no longer an inconvenience; on the contrary, visits to stores are perceived as a brief but revitalizing escape from the daily routine that consumers desire, filled with flavorful and colorful experiences. Consumers want to feel happy and exhilarated when they shop, even in such “ordinary” spaces as convenience stores. Under the right care and hygiene measures, it can help to de-stress people.


Therefore, when the necessary conditions of cleanliness and hygiene are not in place, this great potential for psycho-emotional release for people can fade away, and on the contrary, present a health problem.

Emotions in shopping


Marketers know that shopping in stores is not a rational process but a highly emotional one. When consumers enter stores, they want to leave behind the weight of the day-to-day “grime” – the fears and worries of everyday life. They are looking for true shopping oases where they can enjoy things and not have to worry about anything.

 It also reveals those points at which the entire shopping experience can be made more attractive and also those disruptive elements that exhibit a negative influence on shopping behavior. These points are:

  • Proper basic cleanliness
  • Order and clear organization
  • Attention and care to products
  • Radiant and inspiring atmosphere

Today, a successful and well-implemented concept of cleanliness and hygiene guarantees consumers that their shopping will be carefree and devoid of unpleasant surprises, especially in the current context of the health risk we live in.