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Consequences of Poor Hygiene in the Workplace

Consequences of Poor Hygiene in the Workplace

The office is a second home for those who work in it. It is the place where we spend more hours throughout the day, so our welfare and comfort at work is essential to our satisfaction and our mood. Come and learn about the consequences of poor hygiene in the workplace to eradicate them in your office if you have one.

Cleanliness in the office is an aspect that is usually taken into account for reasons of hygiene and in many cases of health, to avoid problems of allergies or spread of viruses. Hygiene in our workplace directly affects productivity and motivation at work.

In this sense, every company must be committed to ensure that its facilities have an adequate cleaning service and proper maintenance of such cleaning.

It is a reality that many workers admit that the lack of cleanliness in their offices negatively affects their performance, but also their well-being, mood and health.


Lower productivity

It is even obvious, if you do not feel comfortable you cannot work properly, if there are bad smells, weird stains, a lot of dust. These are factors to avoid at all costs. Let’s say you are doing a very important report, you have that latent concern. add a bad smell to your stress or some weird stain. That moment will be very stressful and surely you will not deliver that report as it should.

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Bad presentation



This point is very important, bad cleaning gives a bad image both to your clients and to your colleagues/workers. It gives an image of lack of professionalism and responsibility. With what confidence will they want to work like this? Do not hinder your labor relations that surely has cost you a lot of work and always execute cleaning plans that will help you to avoid these consequences of a bad hygiene in the workplace-



The health of your work team

The dust that can accumulate in the office can cause severe damages, infections or allergies to your workers. Executing cleaning plans will help to create a healthy environment as well as reduce sedentariness. Constant flu, bad bathroom habits, and bad odors will be your worst enemy. Develop an execution plan against bad habits.

  • Avoid going to the bathroom with your cell phone
  • Always wash your hands properly
  • Do not eat at work and/or at your desk
  • Do not go to work sick and wear masks all the time.

These are some examples that will prevent you from unnecessary diseases or contagions. Keep a cleaning kit on hand at all times and train your staff to use it. Computer equipment should also be cleaned. That is why we want to recommend you our next post, taking advantage of your interest in office cleaning: Cleaning Of Electronic Office Equipment


Hygiene is saving money


In addition to harmful damage to health. Accumulation can damage electronic equipment and tools for daily work. Cleaning will extend the life of the equipment and save money in the long and medium term. In addition to being able to resell some equipment in case you need it. The technology industry is advancing very fast, the current equipment will be obsolete in a few years. That is why it is important to take care of them from dust and give them hygiene in case they are needed to be exchanged or resold. Don’t suffer the consequences of poor hygiene in the workplace. 

Personal hygiene

Allowing and providing a place for your workers to place their personal hygiene belongings is fundamental to promote hygiene in your office.

It happens that a colleague may arrive with a bad odor for whatever reason. Having a space where they can and have tools to eliminate the stench is vital and comforting for both workers and for you.  Combat with these points the consequences of poor hygiene at work by placing specific spaces for each one and encourage them to always come to work clean.


Green Areas


Many offices are gray, dull, sad, color theory tells us that dull, dark or gray colors tend to be more depressive and decrease productivity.

Having airy, well-lit and brightly colored areas is vital for high productivity. A few plants in the corners, a few pictures of art will liven up your office. 

Here are some easy plants to have in an office:

  • African Violet: This is a perfect plant to have on the desk. Remember to always make sure they get sunlight.
  • Spathiphyllum: Acts as a filter for pollutants. It has a beautiful green and flowering. It does not need too much sunlight. 
  • Sansevieria: Produces a lot of oxygen, withstands dry environments, needs watering only when the pot is dry. This plant is famous for its resistance.
  • Cactus: If we talk about resistance they take the title. They are plants that hardly need water. They are perfect to place on your desk and you can also make very decorative compositions with several of them.

Office plants should not only be a pleasure to look at with their beautiful colors and shapes. They also function as delicious air fresheners for your workspace. Take care of them as needed.

If you want to decorate with office plants without natural light, jasmine flowers are quite an attractive option because of their beautiful colors. In addition to that, it is excellent for lowering anxiety levels and clearing the mind. Although it tends to grow considerably, with your care you can keep it at the size you want. You should know that it can grow without sunlight, but without blooming.

Keeping the office clean is difficult, so the best solution is to hire a team of cleaning professionals to take care of the maintenance of the workspace so that you do not stress and focus on other important points. Remember that the hygiene of an office directly affects the performance of your employees. So you’d better not neglect this task.

Environmental and visual noise

Tidiness is very important for the efficiency of your office. Seeing a cluttered place does not help to organize ideas, nor to keep calm. Taking care of the visual and auditory space of your office is a little talked about but very important point. Keep upbeat, positive music playing at a low volume. Take care that the area where you are is not so busy with traffic and external noise.


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Similarly, it is important to pay special attention to hire good hygiene services or buy good products. Make others aware of the importance of having a healthy environment. Obviously also respecting the environment. Since there are products that do not harm the environment and in many cleaning services are used.

Recurrent cleaning will improve working conditions and reduce absenteeism due to illness.