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Good Mood In The Office

Good Mood In The Office

In the first place, a sober and formal demeanor is the most appropriate to provide office services and customer service. Of course, without leaving aside the necessary receptiveness to provide a quality service. An environment devoid of hilarious situations. That is why good mood in the office is important. 

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Without good humor the office completely lacks harmony and sensitive communication that encourages integration and consolidation of synergy in the organization. It also favors and increases work stress. 

In addition, laughing allows the organism to drain harmful feelings that seriously affect the integral health of the worker.


We know that in a prejudiced world they will always be available. Derogatory comments that want to misrepresent your way of being and your behavior before society. In simple words, criticize your actions to diminish the positivism with which you want to see the day to day. 

Also, giving importance to comments even if it seems unnecessary.


Job stress


The office has been conceived as a space “exclusively for work. Moreover, employers and employees have the opinion that if the work does not translate into effort it is because we are not working hard enough. 

The absence of laughter and good humor in the workplace is a major contributor to work-related stress, one of the most common causes of long-term sick leave in the UK today, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

Humor and laughter foster an environment in which employees feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. This then naturally inspires people to express themselves. 

Also, if the environment is of this nature, you just have to make sure that the line between appropriate and inappropriate humor is not crossed, something that can only be avoided through the use of common sense and effective management as a leader. 


The last important point is cleanliness. Simply put, a dirty office is unthinkable, it is detrimental to everyone’s progress, and it increases bad moods.

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