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HOAs and Airbnb

HOAs and Airbnb

Some people are on the fence about Home Owners Associations. They have gained a lot of popularity lately. Every neighborhood you see has at least one. And yes, it has a lot of benefits but for Airbnb hosts, it might present some limitations. So, if you want to know the relationship between HOAs and Airbnb, today we tell you about it. And, if you want to learn how to host within one, we have a tip or two to get you started. So, read on to learn how you can list your property even if it is inside a Home Owners Association.

What is an HOA?

An HOA stands for Home Owners Association. This group of people is in charge of setting the rules of a particular neighborhood. These times, they have gained a lot of popularity in all parts of the state. They have some benefits but they can also hinder what some people want to do. HOAs are a way of keeping a neighborhood under control and with more safety. However, some rules might limit what people can and can’t do. And that is why HOAs and Airbnb are sometimes not a good match. Yet, there are some turnarounds with these two.

Homeowners Associations and Airbnb
Airbnb in HOAs

Hosting in an HOA

Joining an HOA isn’t optional. Once you purchase a property, you’re in. You’ve no saying in the matter. And that might not be good for someone who wants to list a property. Why? Because rules of HOAs are a bit more strict than in your normal neighborhood. That is why communication is key. You need to establish the type of guests you’ll have on your property. Preferably, only families that are quiet and won’t bother other neighbors. Also, try to talk to the heads of the HOA to implement some rules and policies about short-term rentals. Most HOAs are open to suggestions and will let you host without any issue.

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