How long should a deep house cleaning take?

How long should a deep house cleaning take

We love to have our house completely clean. Nothing is more delicious than coming from work and finding our home perfect. So, you will go straight to rest without needing to clean. However, sometimes it is impossible. It is pretty hard to keep the house clean all the time. Sometimes, dirt and dust accumulate because we do not have time for cleaning. This is the time to hire a deep house cleaning Service.  But, how long should a deep house cleaning take? Actually the time it will take to clean the house depends on many factors:

The size of your house

It definitely won’t take the same time for an apartment than a 5-room-house. Certainly, the time spent on each one is different because sizes are different. Then, the number of rooms, people and pets living in the house, are factors that influence how long the deep cleaning will take.

How long should a deep cleaning take

The Disaster Cleaners Deal With

It is not only the size of the house, It will also depend on the amount of mess and dirt the cleaners have to deal with. But, if you hire a local cleaning company, it may take less time than normal. Your home will not be as dirty as if you do not perform frequent cleaning.

The products used

The efficiency of the products and equipment also influences the time it can take to clean the house. In our company, we use eco-friendly products that are also efficient. Products should remove all dirt stuck on your floors, kitchen or sinks.

How long should a deep house cleaning take

In general terms,  a deep cleaning with a staff of four members approximately should take 60 minutes for every thousand square feet. For us your home is a sanctuary and we want it to be as shiny as possible. You will notice when our team  finishes that your home  is cleaner and more hygienic than ever. The important thing is to have an efficient team that can remove dust and allergens from your house. So you will have an environment not only clean but free of possible diseases. If you would like to know more about it, follow us on Facebook

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