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How To Clean Glass And Windows In Apartments

How To Clean Glass And Windows In Apartments

Cleaning windows and glass is ideal for removing dirt. Things that can spoil even the most beautiful view. A home will lose much of its charm due to streaks on the glass or dirty window frames. For many people, cleaning windows is a tedious and burdensome activity. Especially when there is a lot of glass in the house. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Now, there are ways to make window cleaning quick, pleasant, simple, and, above all, effective. Today we tell you how to clean glass and windows in apartments.

Methods and Techniques for Effective Window Cleaning

One of them is homemade, with which dishwashing liquid and paper towels are a great mix for cleaning. The liquid works very well. How? Well, it is worth choosing more expensive and multi-layered towels. This is because the cheap and thin ones leave streaks. You can also use some cloth rags. There are many people who use newspapers to dry and polish windows.
This method comes from a time when it was difficult to find effective cleaning products.
Nowadays, there is a wide range of preparations and various materials for drying. Hence, you do not have to resort to this technique.

How To Clean Glass And Windows
How To Clean Glass And Windows Fast

Glass washing products: homemade or manufactured

Is it worth spending money on expensive chemical glass washing products? When looking at how to clean glass and windows in apartments, yes. If you have experience in the use of this type of preparation. Otherwise, it is better to look for household chemicals available in specialty stores.
In stores, there are ingredients that you can use to make a domestic glass cleaning liquid at home. Here are some glass cleaning substances:

Dishwashing liquid. Heavily soiled windows benefit from the warm water and dishwashing liquid. In this way, grease stains, fingerprints, etc. will be gone. You can wash plastic frames and blinds in particular with this product. The same bowl with the solution is enough to freshen the inner and outer window sill. Wash windows with water and vinegar. Also, the most popular mixture of natural ingredients that will make the windows look clean and fresh is water and alcohol vinegar. The preparation of such a product is not an art, because you do not have to pay attention to the proportions.

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