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How To Clean Pet Hairs From Your Sofa

How To Clean Pet Hairs From Your Sofa

Everyone who has a pet at home will have asked the same question: how to clean pet hairs from the sofa. Don’t worry anymore, here are some tricks you can perform to clean the hair of our beloved pets.

Previous tips

Before knowing the tricks, let’s analyze the existence of the reasons why your pets shed a lot of hair.
One of the reasons is the lack of frequent brushing your pet. Remember that it is important to brush your pet’s hair constantly and if you can do it daily it would be better. Another reason is an incorrect feeding with low quality commercial products, it is advisable to go to your veterinarian to see the best option.
It is also important to remember the shedding of hair that our pets have in spring and autumn, this is something natural that simply with daily brushing is controlled.


Remove dog hair from your sofa


The lint roller is the first option to remove dog hair or accumulated lint but it is not 100% effective, it is necessary to complement it with other cleaning for greater effectiveness.
If you have a vacuum cleaner at home you can first pour lemon water on the sofa and with a damp cloth rub it against the sofa. Following this you can use a vacuum cleaner as a great ally. Simply vacuum and you’re done.

No more hair on the sofa

The best tip for how to clean pet hair from the sofa is prevention. Prevention is easier than any sofa hair removal method.
Teach your dog not to get on the sofa or buy a special sheet for your sofa so that your doggies can get on the sofa and not leave the hairs directly on it. We insist on daily brushing your pet, this is essential.


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