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How To Disinfect My Business?

How To Disinfect My Business?

Properly clean and disinfect workplaces and surfaces. how to disinfect my business?

To address the cleaning and disinfection of your business and ensure safe return to work in a Post-COVID-19 scenario. In addition, we recommend our next post: How To Attract Potential Customers

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How to disinfect my business?

Reinforce cleaning in all rooms. In addition, reinforce the cleaning tasks in the different rooms of the company and, especially, on surfaces. Also, especially those that are most frequently touched, such as windows, doorknobs and all the equipment that employees use regularly. Additionally, we recommend our next post: Personal Presentation Affects Your Business


Protect personnel


Professionals should perform all cleaning and disinfection tasks with a mask and single-use gloves. 

In addition, at the end of the cleaning work, employees should clean their hands with soap and water after removing their gloves and mask.

Finally, Proper use of cleaning product

The improper use of a disinfectant product generates a risk in our small business, since it can generate in many cases a harmful effect on our health and for obvious reasons a much greater expense. Therefore, it is important to read the labels well, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and get proper advice.


 In addition, in order to generate savings, it is essential to set up a cleaning and disinfection program according to your type of business, detailing and grouping all the items and surfaces to be cleaned according to the type of cleaning required by each one. Finally we recommend you this post: Visual Merchandising: Success For Your Store

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