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How To Wash Curtains And Drapes

How To Wash Curtains And Drapes

It is normal that we overlook some things when we clean the house. Some people forget the garage, and the attic, yet, there are some other things that we overlook. The most common ones are curtains and drapes. We can leave them hanging there for months or years and pay no mind to them. That can be bad. It is important to take care of them constantly. But don’t worry, today, thanks to our quick maid service experts, we have tips on how to wash curtains and drapes. So, read on to learn how you can leave them as clean as you want.

Garment fabric curtains

Before we start talking about how to wash curtains and drapes we want to establish that not all curtains or drapes can be cleaned the same way. It is important that you know how to wash each one. For garment fabric curtains, you should wash them by panels at a time and dry them at the lowest possible heat. This will ensure that the curtains don’t get damaged and get back in shape in no time. Remember to follow these steps before washing them. Else, you might be looking at a curtain catalog real soon.

How To Wash Curtains And Drapes At Home
How To Wash Curtains

Non-removable curtains

While the previous ones are common, these ones aren’t. Yet, it can happen that your house has non-removable curtains. If that is the case, then you can’t wash them normally. Or at least not without doing a lot of work. However, if you want a fast way, we have it. You can vacuum them for starters. This is a good way to get rid of all the dust on them. Yet, another option that works even better is using a steam cleaning wand. These ones are perfect for that and will make your cleaning tasks a lot faster and easier.