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Maintenance And Cleaning Of A School

Maintenance And Cleaning Of A School

In the first place, the need to carry out proper and thorough maintenance and cleaning of a school encompasses factors in educational development.

A classroom is a space where a large number of children live together for long hours every day. The cleanliness and hygiene of the classroom is paramount, because at this stage of growth the chances of contracting and/or infecting others is very high. 

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Regardless of their age, students play, interact, get dirty and coexist in the same space. Also, this increases the risk of germ absorption and transmission if the facilities are not properly disinfected.


The importance of clean classrooms


In a school, dirt is present in many spaces, which is perfectly normal. A school is a place of constant activity, where hundreds of students walk, run and play around the facilities. 

In addition, the maintenance and cleanliness of a school helps above all to avoid the concentration of germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. 

Hygiene is not only important for a space free of bacteria and viruses, it is also important for the proper learning of students. 

Also, learning and developing skills in a clean and well-kept place increases students’ motivation and involvement in their school life.

Services in school maintenance and cleaning

To begin with, the maintenance and cleaning of a school offered by our company Serlim is meticulous and very thorough. Also, hiring our service, we will take care of large areas and eradicate impurities and dirt on surfaces and objects in rooms. 

In addition, a desk does not cease to be a big germ contact center, so its cleaning will be done consciously using the right supplies.


The best time for school maintenance and cleaning


One of the most common questions that comes to mind when thinking about the maintenance and cleaning of a school is the time when this cleaning takes place.

In addition, our services offer several options to choose the one that best suits the availability of the school and your pocket.


However, the best option is always to perform the service in those hours where it is known for sure that the space will not be occupied. In this way, we can carry out our objectives without space restrictions.

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