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Places You’re Forgetting To Clean

Places You're Forgetting To Clean

There is one fun misconception out there. People think that cleaning an apartment is easy and doesn’t take time. Yet, something weird happens. The most overlooked places to clean happen inside apartments. Since these places are more practical, sometimes we only clean what we see and what works. Yet, every corner houses dirt and it is important to clean them all. Today we want to talk about the probable places you’re forgetting to clean. So, if you want to learn what you might be missing during your daily cleaning, read on! You might find one or two places that need urgent cleaning.

Inside your drawers

We use drawers just to keep things inside and that’s it. You fold them, put them there, and forget about these places. However, they can gather a lot of dirt and dust too. So, it is important that you make sure to clean them at least once a month. You can just take them out of the furniture and clear the dust outside of the apartment. Thankfully, they aren’t hard to do.

Common Places You're Forgetting To Clean

Hood fan

We’ve already talked about how to clean kitchen equipment. Yet, there is always one place that we all forget. The hood fan. There are two ways you can go about cleaning this place. Either get a mixture of vinegar to scrub it or get a commercial degreaser. Whichever you prefer, they’ll do the work.

Places You're Forgetting To Clean At Home

Underneath your furniture

Finally, the place we only clean when we have a big party or reunion. Furniture gathers a lot of dust but not only on it, below as well. That is why it is important to always clean everything that is underneath. Get that broom or vacuum cleaner and add these spots to your daily cleaning checklist. It is normal that found places you’re forgetting to clean. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll forget all the time. Get a checklist and start organizing your cleaning once and for all.

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