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Short Term Rental Cleaning Tips

Short Term Rental Cleaning Tips

The term: short-term rental has become famous in the past years. It has existed long before that but, it has gained popularity. Why? Due to people looking for safer places to rent while on vacation. In short term, we are talking about vocational rental properties. And with that, you know we refer to Airbnb. With a lot of people putting their properties up, they have found out that cleaning can be a bit of a hassle. That is why most people have looked for ways to find a good cleaning company. Well, whether you hire one or not, we have some short term rental cleaning tips for you. So, read on to learn how to keep your property in perfect condition.

Create a list for each property

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to cleaning is trying to clean every property in the same way. This is where a lot of people go wrong. While trying to follow the same techniques is good, every single property needs its own specific care. Why? Well, all properties vary in size, location, and the whole layout inside. So, that is why it is important to make a checklist for each one. This is one of the best short term rental cleaning tips out there. So, depending on the property, try to make a list of what is needed and prioritize what’s important. Even if Airbnb has its cleaning process, you can still comply with it by making a checklist for each property.

short term rental property cleaning tips

Follow regulations

Now more than ever, people are looking for safety over commodity. While the latter is also important, people prefer to be in a place that is safe for them. With that in mind, keep note of all the cleaning regulations out there. Keeping with them is not only a requirement for achieving super host status with your property. It is also important when putting your property up for rent. If you do not comply with them you could get in trouble. That could net you some bad reviews and make you lose customers.

short term rental property tips for cleaning

Set time for cleaning

It doesn’t matter the size of the property, you always need to set time aside for cleaning. Most property owners make the mistake of cleaning right before the new guests arrive. While sometimes it is inevitable, remember, if a guest wants your property, they’ll wait. Be it a cleaning company or yourself, always leave a good amount of time to clean. Depending on the size of the house the time could vary from 2 to 5 hours. So, plan accordingly.

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