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Summer Cleaning Plan

Summer Cleaning Plan

The month of June has begun and it is the ideal time to perform a summer cleaning plan for your home. Prepare for upcoming gatherings by conducting a deep cleaning. If you have any children, enlist their help while they are on summer break. Divide tasks evenly among children to tidy up quickly.

When the hot season begins, start organizing your wardrobe. The time has come to store all of your wool sweaters, jackets, and scarves. Arrange dresses, shorts, and sandals in an orderly fashion to start enjoying the summer. Perform other tasks even if you feel unmotivated. Tackle chores little by little so that the process doesn’t seem overwhelming. As a result, you will keep your house clean and be able to do outdoor activities without any burdens. 

Why is house cleaning so important during this season?

When summer arrives, temperatures may vary between 70°F and 90°F. Believe it or not, this is the best time to clean the house and improve any finishes that could have been weathered by the harsh climate last winter.

The heat and humidity can take a toll on your home. Some areas might require more attention than others. However, be sure to complete tasks correctly. Remember to clean carpets, sofas, and mattresses. It is also essential to clean the furniture thoroughly. For example, drawers, shelves, and electrical appliances should be sanitized.

Although cleaning your entire home can be a very tedious task, organizing your household duties can make cleaning quicker. That’s why we’ve created a cleaning plan that will help you conquer summer chores. Cleaning companies offer great Deep Cleaning. You should consider hiring one.

With a summer cleaning plan, say goodbye to the mess



Before placing summer articles of clothing in your closets, clean the dust from each shelf and drawer once you remove the clothes you wore in winter. It is essential to do this before placing any new wardrobe in your closet to prevent your clean clothes from getting dusty.
Additionally, inspect the summer clothes you wore last season to see if they are still in good condition and if you will wear them. If you no longer like clothing, set it apart to give it to a friend or someone else who wants it.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider bedroom cleanliness. It is crucial to change the bedding to remove any dust generated during winter. Take out your fresh sheets and place them on the bed. Take quilts and bedspreads to the laundry to store them for next winter. Remember that a good Cleaning Company in Chicago can also help with organizing and decluttering if you need it.


During the year, it is a bit challenging to clean windows. Rain can wreak havoc on them. When summer comes along, there are no excuses. Make sure to consistently wipe windows to leave them clean and shiny until fall. An excellent trick recommended by our cleaning services professional team is to keep your window panes perfectly clean with a single pass is to use a rubber window cleaner. Kitchen windows can accumulate much more grease. Remove the grease by using a mixture of vinegar and ammonia. Next, dry the glass with a newspaper so that there are no streaks. Eliminate dust from the outside of the windows by using dishwasher soap.

Summer cleaning house services


Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms are the least appealing tasks. However, these are the areas where much more dirt accumulates. Therefore, they require more attention. 

Begin cleaning both areas by wiping cabinets. Be sure to remove all the products you have stored and get rid of expired ones. Pay attention to every corner for possible cobwebs. Scrub the walls and ceilings to remove all dirt. Next, wash tiles to whiten them. As a result, your home will receive a more hygienic and neat look.

Finish up both areas by sweeping and mopping. Repeating these steps will keep these highly used areas spotless. We know this all sounds like a bit too much but also, you shouldn’t do it yourself. Cleaning Services are out there. Call your favorite one.

Cleaning professionals recommend that you make a list containing any items or areas that you do not clean daily. The objective of this list is to review them and create cleaning reminders. For example, this list can include light bulbs, switchboards, or light switches.

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