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The Importance Of A Commercial Cleaning Plan

The Importance Of A Commercial Cleaning Plan

Cleanliness in companies and organizations is a factor that has become more relevant due to the global situation. Hence the importance of a commercial cleaning plan.

Cleaning Plan

Firstly, a Cleaning and Disinfection Plan (L+D Plan) aims to eliminate dirt and prevent diseases. In addition, cleaning and disinfection is carri out on the most frequent work surfaces.


When developing the L&D Plan, three important aspects should be considered.

– Firstly: the type of surface: they should be easy to clean and porous materials should avoided in favor of those that are impermeable and unalterable.

– Secondly: the type of dirt to be treated: the type of product to be used in each case must assessed.

– Thirdfly: the time and frequency with which the activities are carried out: if they are too far apart and spaced in time, certain residues may detected, leading to the growth of microorganisms.


Determine surfaces


Subsequently, based on a plan of the physical space, the different surfaces and elements to cleaned must determined and defined. In adittion, these include those that are vertical, as well as ceilings, shelves and lighting fixtures.
Also, it is important to confirm the square meters for cleaning, as well as the type of products and utensils that are necessary for the cleaning and disinfection processes.

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