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The New Landscape Of Commercial Cleaning

The New Landscape of Commercial Cleaning

After these years where regulations have changed so much, it is necessary to know the new landscape of commercial cleaning to know what conditions they are facing.


Before analyzing the effect of the pandemic on the cleaning industry, let’s examine how cleaning services were doing.

The commercial janitorial services industry had growth According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that employment of janitors and building cleaners would increase 7% between 2018 and 2028. Another interesting fact is education, healthcare and medical-related industries outsource their janitorial needs.

New normal

People started paying more attention to cleaning and disinfection than ever before. Everyone has grasped the fact that it is necessary to clean and disinfect objects that are frequently touched several times a day. Not only for the new normal, but also for hygiene reasons, it is a good habit that has become more and more common. 



But it has also helped commercial cleaning and janitorial services companies get a boost that has helped them grow. 

Commercial cleaning services have not traditionally been considered a core job. Janitors and cleaners often operate unnoticed and in the background. But no longer.

Today janitorial and commercial cleaning service workers are gaining new respect. They help maintain hygiene and prevent viruses and bacteria. 

An increase in demand


There has also been an increase in demand for commercial cleaning services. 

You can see that there is an increase in commercial cleaning and janitorial services across the board. Retailers, facility managers at property management companies and hotel chains are taking cleaning more seriously.

Increased demand for commercial cleaning services is also coming from supermarkets, restaurants and offices. Virtually every organization that sees high foot traffic is trying to ensure that people entering their facilities are kept sanitary.