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Things Your Cleaning Service Needs To Know

Things Your Cleaning Service Needs To Know

So you’ve made the decision of hiring a cleaning service in Chicago. That is great! You’ll be having a great service and trust us, your house will look amazing. However, there is some preparation everyone has to do. Yes, even you. Yet, it isn’t a hard one. What should you do? Well, inform your cleaners about certain things. Today we tell your some of the things your cleaning service needs to know. Help them help you. That is the best you can do for your cleaners to enjoy the service to its fullest.

Tell them about your pets

One of the important things your cleaning service needs to know is if you have pets. Why? For both your pets’ safety and the cleaners’. Some professionals might have allergies. This can hinder their performance while working. On the other hand, if you inform them, they can prepare the products and tools in advance. This is good if you want to make everything go smoothly.

Things Your Cleaning Service Needs To Know before cleaning

Plan the cleaning session

Remember that a professional cleaning company has established schedules. And, while most companies are flexible with any changes, it is important to let them know beforehand. Even if you’re not going to change it, it is good to inform them when it’ll be. Also, planning involves giving them enough time to do everything. Depending on the size of the place they might take longer or less time. Make sure to inform everything so they can clean every nook and cranny.

things your cleaning service needs to know

Voice your concerns

Now, you have the right to tell your cleaning service anything you want. And also, ask any questions. Cleaning seems easy but it involves a lot of processes and products. Do not be afraid of asking them about what materials they are using. It is important that you have peace of mind when the cleaners are at your home. Transparency is a quality every service should have. So, voice any concerns you have so you can feel more comfortable. Look for a company that is transparent when cleaning and you’ll be great!

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