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Tips to eliminate dust in your home

Tips to eliminate dust in your home

The rush and the lack of time cause that we do not always dedicate to the cleaning of our house the time that it would be convenient to dedicate to it.
Dust is one of the great enemies of home cleaning. In addition to the dirt that it generates, it can also be a source of problems for our health, especially due to the presence of microorganisms and other pathogenic elements, such as dust mites. Does someone in your family suffer from allergies or do you want to keep your home as clean as possible? Put into practice these tips to eliminate dust in your home.

Ventilate the house

Ventilate in the morning to renew the air, but try to keep the windows closed when it is not necessary to open them. Also clean your house on a regular basis, you can do the housekeeping chores on a regular basis. Think that a thorough cleaning is much more expensive than regular cleaning.

Wash pillows regularly.

Pillows are the big forgotten items in bedroom cleaning, and they accumulate a lot of dust mites.
They probably look clean to you, but this element plus sheets. Blankets, clothes are elements of our home are a focus of dirt and, in addition, are the favorite place for dust mites to nest. Wash and change bed linen and pillow and cushion covers every week. While the curtains can be washed every month.


Clean from top to bottom


Get into the habit of dusting high surfaces before dusting low areas. If you do it the other way around, the dust will fall on the parts already cleaned and you will have to repeat the job again. You also have to clean the floor frequently. Broom, vacuum frequently and don’t forget the corners.

Final tips

Take off your shoes before entering the house, take them off and clean them. A better option is to take off your shoes. Also as another tip to eliminate dust from your house is not to fill your house with small objects. These items are the ones that are on shelves, they are a focus of attraction of dust. If you still want to have a collection of small objects or dishes, keep them in a cabinet with glass doors.

We hope these tips to eliminate dust in your home have been useful to you or will be useful in the future