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Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

There is nothing better than arriving at home after a hard day’s work and just feeling fresh air all around. However, there are some times that due to some factors, the inside of our home isn’t so fresh. But, why? What are the common reasons? Are there any tips to improve indoor quality? For the latter, yes! And for the former, we tell you all about that. Read on to learn what you can do to have fresh air all the time at home. Remember to follow our Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality and ask any questions you have about cleaning.

Avoid Smoking

Whether you have someone who smokes constantly at home or even a social smoker, you need to avoid it. Smoking causes a lot of bad smells at home. If you have someone that smokes just ask them to take it outside if possible. Smoke smell is one of the hardest to get rid of at home. So, prevent this by not having any inside.

Tips to Improve Home Indoorr Quality


With Summer approaching, you need to remember that dehumidifying is important. Do it as soon as Summer begins. Why? Summer in Chicago is quite hot. And with that humidity can get stuck on our walls. All that humidity becomes smelly if you don’t take care of it soon. So, try to prevent this by buying a dehumidifier.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality


This is important for all homes but a lot more for apartments. If you keep your home ventilated you will have fewer smells around. One good time of the day to ventilate your home is right after cooking. If you do that all the food smells will go away. People think food smells do not stick, but they do. We just don’t notice them because we are inside the house. This is one of the tips to improve indoor air quality that is easier to do. So, make sure you follow these tips to have the freshest air at home!