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Top Things To Sell In Your Airbnb

Top Things To Sell In Your Airbnb

If there is one amazing thing about Airbnbs, is that the income can increase if you want it to. People think that Airbnb is only about hosting. And while that is true to a degree, there are other top things to sell in your Airbnb. People are always looking for commodities or things to enhance their Airbnb experiences. So, if you really want to increase your income, you should know what you could do. So, keep on reading to learn everything you can add inside your property to get some extra money for you.

Urgent cleaning services

This is a service that will pay for its own. How? If you have guests that are staying there for a long time and something happens, you can get some urgent cleaning. That is something great because we never know what might happen inside the property. Yet, you can be prepared. Be it an accident, or something special for the guests, cleaning services are great. You can even sell some Sunday cleaning services if they are staying there for a lot of time. So, try to always let them know all the services that you offer. Remember that it isn’t products the only things you can sell, you can sell even more.


Extra supplies

Every host needs to be prepared and one of the tops things to sell in your Airbnb is extra supplies. You can find a lot of extra things that guests will need. Things like phone chargers or even a way to refill the pantry. There is always an opportunity to offer your guests some extra amenities so, do not doubt for one second the power of upselling. So, now that you know, get ready and be prepared. You’ll see how great it is to have extra things inside your property for any emergency that happens.

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