When shouldn’t you use cleaning vinegar?

When shouldn't you use cleaning vinegar?

White vinegar is a great natural product for cleaning different places in the house. It is very effective because of its low PH level. But it is not good for cleaning products in certain things or items in the house. These are recommendations in cases where cleaning vinegar should not be used. Learn when shouldn’t you use cleaning vinegar.

Never use vinegar on your computer monitor or Smartphone

Cleaning the computer or smartphone screen may remove the oil-phobic layer from the electronics. Then it would create a bigger problem. Use a microfiber cloth for any cleaning.

Do not mix vinegar with bleach

It’s a dangerous mixture that emits toxic chlorine gas. May cause irritation to the eyes, throat, and lungs.

Do not clean your pearls with vinegar

The vinegar dissolves the pearls. When the calcium with the acetic acid of the vinegar says goodbye to the pearls.

Never use vinegar on marble or granite countertops

Never use vinegar on marble or granite countertops.  There is a risk that the acid will eat through the surface and leave a stain. Use a damp towel to wipe the countertop, followed by a dry one. You can also make a cleaner with a drop of dish soap.

when shouldnt you use cleaning vinegar

Don’t clean your stone or ceramic floor with vinegar

Components such as vinegar will not help you clean stone or ceramic floors. The damage will be greater. You need an emergency cleaning, look for a same-day cleaning service.

Other recommendations

Dishwasher: It’s one thing to wash the appliance monthly with vinegar and another to add the usual dishwashing liquid. This is counterproductive because the acidity of the product can damage the rubber parts of the appliance.

Waxed furniture: Using vinegar to clean your waxed furniture will dissolve the wax and leave the surface opaque. It is advisable to use a specialized product.

Egg Stains: If vinegar is applied to an egg spot it will be impossible to clean. Use a little soap and warm water instead.

Follow these recommendations to avoid damage from cleaning vinegar products.