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where to get moving boxes for free

Where to Get Moving Boxes for FREE

Where to Get Moving Boxes for FREE

Moving involves lots of work. Regardless of all the planning, reminders, and resources, we gather it’s still an ordeal. And one of the first things that come to mind is boxes. These happen to be number one on most move-out checklists. Cardboard boxes are needed to pack all our belongings. This is the most prioritized item and the one we tend to think of least inexpensive. But, surprisingly, it is not. Moving Boxes can become an expense when running a tight budget. So, if you are planning a move, these are some great local resources to look for FREE boxes.

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1. Moving Boxes in Local Grocers 

Visit the service desk and ask them to keep their boxes for you to pick up. Grocers typically have hundreds of boxes within a couple of weeks. 


Search in the free or for sale sections. Here you will find great sources of free boxes.

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3. Facebook

Joining local Facebook groups and see if who’s offering them. Facebook is an excellent source for community groups that unite to recycle. And as long as you return them, they are free. By the way, we offer a move in cleaning service, just for you to know. 

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4. Liquor stores

Liquor store boxes are perfect for small and delicate items. Stop in to your local Liquor store and ask for them to store boxes for you in advance.

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What better excuse to visit your local library. Stop in and pick up boxes specifically for moving books.

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These boxes are strong and great for heavy items. Because they receive large bulky shipments daily these are great places to visit. Especially, large chains like Mcdonalds, Wendys, Starbucks etc.

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How many Moving Boxes will I need? 

Remember, you will probably need more boxes than you expect, so it’s always best to get more than you need. 

Do you Need Moving Help? You might need more than boxes—like move-out cleaning Chicago, or moving services. If so, search for professional move out cleaning services in your area. Indeed, with extra help, your move with being as smooth as possible. 

Hiring professional cleaning services can take the headache out of moving. Plus, move out cleanings usually include a deep cleaning to make your apartment or house is spotless. Therefore, you can turn in your apartment in a clean condition and get the cleaning off your checklist. Remember, you have a new home waiting, so get packing. 

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