3 Tips to Clean Kitchen Tiles Easily

3 Tips to Clean Kitchen Tiles Easily

Cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom can be really challenging and exhausting. Kitchen tiles are a completely different story. Kitchen backsplashes and grease can quickly dull kitchen tiles and grout, but there are many ways to make them shine again and like they were new. Here are our 3 tips to clean kitchen tiles easily.

Tip #1: First, scrub the kitchen tiles thoroughly.

Wash the tiles all over with a soapy cloth to remove sticky marks and grease stains. Also, keep in mind that, depending on the surface of the kitchen tile, you can use the ‘rough’ side of a non-scratching pan cleaner.

3 tips to clean kitchen tiles

Tip #2: Clean grotty grout

Even the brightest kitchen tiles will not look their best with dirty grout. If the grout has turned an ‘orange’ color or looks dirty, remove the bleach.

Don’t forget that you can also scrub some into the grout with an old toothbrush. It can be really tedious, but if you do it thoroughly followed by a good rinse, this cleans very stubborn spots like dirty patches and means regular cleaning should do the job in the future.

And for some special spots, if you don’t want to use bleach, try whitening toothpaste. Your kitchen tiles would thank you if they could.

3 tips to clean kitchen tiles easily

Tip #3: Use a specialized tile cleaner.

Once you’ve cleaned off the worst of the grime and grease, use a specialized all-purpose tile cleaner. It cleans, disinfects and polishes to leave tiles shiny and like new. Apply with a damp sponge or cloth, rub lightly and wipe dry. Then, if desired, polish with a soft cloth for a brilliant shine.

If any of the tips didn’t work, it’s time to ask for help. Some cleaning services, such as Quick Cleaning, can help with last-minute emergency requests, as they have a same-day cleaning service. Book a wide selection of cleaning services from standard cleaning, move-in, and move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, Airbnb cleaning services, and more.