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Clean And Disinfect Your Commercial Store

Clean And Disinfect Your Commercial Store

Cleaning with products containing soap or detergent reduces the presence of germs on surfaces by removing contaminants and reducing the risk of infection from contact with surfaces. Clean and disinfect your commercial store 

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Routine cleaning

Consider the type of surface and how often it is touched. Generally, the more people touch a surface, the greater the risk. Prioritize cleaning frequently touched surfaces at least once a day. 

In addition, if the space is a high-traffic area, or if certain conditions (listed above) are present, you may choose to clean more frequently or to disinfect in addition to cleaning. 




Clean frequently contacted surfaces at least once a day or as often as necessary. 

Examples of frequent contact surfaces include: pens, desks, shopping carts, tables, door handles, light switches, doorknobs, handles, stair railings, elevator buttons, desks, keyboards, telephones, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

In addition, disinfect safely when necessary

Outdoor areas

It is not necessary, effective or advisable to spray cleaning products or disinfectants in outdoor areas, such as sidewalks, roadways or ground covers.

Frequent contact surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars, play structures and handrails, should be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning and disinfecting wooden surfaces (such as play structures, benches, tables) is not recommended.


Prior to cleaning and disinfection, you should close areas used by the ill person and avoid using them until they are cleaned and disinfected.

Wait as long as possible (at least several hours) before cleaning and disinfecting.

Hire an office cleaning service

Finally, Quick Cleaning is your best option

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