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Reduce Dust In The Office

Reduce Dust In The Office

Once it is in the air and builds up too much it can be a problem. It is important to reduce dust in the office as it will affect the air quality for everyone sharing the workspace.

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The problem is that dust is a companion that we are unlikely to get rid of completely. But, the good news is that we can significantly reduce the amount of dust floating in the air and settling on our items, thereby preventing it from affecting our health.

What is dust?

For starters, it’s good to know that dust is not made up of just one thing. Rather, it is an accumulation of various materials of organic and inorganic origin.

In addition, including dead skin, small particles of lint, dander, pollen, textile fibers, paper particles, ash, dust mites, and particles of other insects.


Each building will have a unique mix in dust, so to try to keep the air clean and minimize dust levels, we must address not only the dust that is already there, but also the various sources of it. Here are some very useful tips.


Clean office equipment regularly


Office equipment is prone to accumulate dust and is usually dirtier than you think. So you don’t want to let it accumulate and to avoid this, it is best to make sure you clean workstations, computers, telephones and equipment at least once a week.

For this task, we can use compressed air when it comes to expel the dust present on keyboards and other hard-to-reach spaces.

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