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6 Ways to Enhance Airbnb Experiences for Rental Guests

6 Ways to Enhance Airbnb Experiences

It is really important to make the Airbnb experience the best for rental guests. New decor, light renovations, and replacing commonly used items when they start to wear can all add up. This is why there are many Airbnb cleaning companies. Today we bring you our 6 Ways to Enhance Airbnb Experiences.

Here are 6 ways to enhance Airbnb experience for rental guests

Replace old toilet seats

This doesn’t sound like fun but it only takes a few minutes and a few dollars. This will definitely make a huge impact on the overall cleanliness in the eyes of your guests.

6 Ways to Enhance Airbnb Experience

Replace worn kitchen items

Small kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee makers are in most stores and are cheap and easy to replace. New kitchen towels, pot holders, and oven mitts are well worth the few dollars they cost!

Get new remotes for the best Airbnb experience

It is sanitary to do so. They are one of the most touched items in a rental and tend to get really dirty.

If you have a cable company’s remote they will usually replace them for free anyway. And if you can’t get a new one, insist that your cleaner please wipe them down.

Replace pillows and curtains

This change can make a huge impact on your Airbnb experience. You wouldn’t want stained or ugly curtains and pillows to interfere with the perception of a happy, clean rental! There are many awesome and affordable options.


Get new towels

Towels are very personal to your guests. It is a must for a good Airbnb experience. When your towels, hand towels, and washcloths feel and look good, your guests will feel good too! 

Buying towels in bulk makes it cheap and easy to save. Make sure they are soft but watch out for super thick towels.

Keep your house clean for a good Airbnb experience!

So, by hiring a good cleaning company that specializes in cleaning, you’re making the best choice since they are clearly professionals and can leave the place “host ready.” Professional cleaning companies are better equipped and are able to handle last-minute additions, which is such an advantage!

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