Advantages of Using Microfiber Cloths to Clean

Advantages of Using Microfiber Cloths to Clean

Many cleaning products contain fragrances and harmful chemicals like bleach and ammonia, which are irritating and potentially dangerous when absorbed into the skin, eyes or lungs. Chemical cleaners can also have a negative impact on the environment. So, in our efforts to make our homes cleaner and protect ourselves, we can start using other alternatives. And one of our best options is the use of microfiber cloths.

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Here are some advantages that come with using microfiber cloths to clean

Microfiber cloths clean better

They can absorb more than seven times their weight in water. In fact, microfiber towels have shown to be 98.9 percent effective in removing bacteria. Microfiber allows for deep cleaning, as its tiny fibers can reach into surface pores and cracks. This makes microfiber perfect for disinfecting areas where preventing cross-contamination is a priority, like in kitchens and health facilities. They also don’t leave behind scratch surfaces, making them perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces like glass or mirrors.

They are environmentally friendly

By using microfiber cloths, we can save water, eliminate waste and reduce the use of chemical cleaners. There is no need for cleaning chemicals, which can reduce negative impacts on the environment.

They are cost-effective

Microfiber products are extremely cost-effective in the long run. You can use them hundreds of times before they need replacement. Also, microfiber cloths don’t require the use of cleaning chemicals. So, everyone, including the cleaning services in Chicago and around the world can spend less money on cleaning supplies.

They improve safety

Microfiber is more effective at removing dirt and germs than traditional cleaning fabrics. According to a study by the University of California, microfiber cloths can reduce bacteria by around 99 percent. Also, since there is no need to use other products, people aren’t exposed to these harmful chemicals when cleaning.

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