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How much do Cleaning Services Cost?

The type of place you live in is a factor that could affect how much cleaning services cost. So having a budget and sticking with it would be advisable. So forget about getting an expensive or cheap service. Keep reading, and you will get the best service to you.

How much do Cleaning Services Cost?

The price of cleaning services depends on many factors. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, for instance. Also, the square feet of your type of place is around $200 to $500 for a square foot range of 1750 to 3750.
The price range can also depend on the frequency of the service. It means it can be daily ($50-$90 per hour), weekly ($80-$120), bi-weekly ($85-$123), or monthly ($90-$140). The cost is usually $50 to $90 per hour.

Most Common Services

The Deep Cleaning Service

A deep cleaning service in Chicago will do the cleaning that is beyond the regular one. It aims to reach the deep grime and dirt in your home, covering areas that are not covered by regular cleaning.

Deep cleaning covers behind the washing machine and oven. Also, the cleaners would clean under the sink, inside the oven, window frames, and patio doors. Besides, washing of blinds, corners of rooms and kitchen and bathrooms tiles will be clean.

Deep Cleaning Services Chicago, IL covers everything. The exterior and interior of the house.

How much do Cleaning Services Cost?

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The regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning is usually hoovering and mopping floors. It also covers cleaning the sink, mirror, bath and toilets. As well as wiping down work surfaces. Furthermore, this service tends to cupboard doors and more of the kitchen.

Chicago cleaning services usually have a specific checklist. For deep or regular Cleaning. They would specify everything on it. So they can check the door frame and handle and the exterior/interior of the front door. Also, the decoration, lighting, window, fixture, and fittings.

Other places in this list are the floor, ceiling corners, and cupboards of the entrance hall. (Deep Cleaning)

A same Day Cleaning Service

A same day cleaning service is an option, especially for people who work long hours. Most people don’t have time to clean their homes. Others prefer to spend their weekend with their family, instead of cleaning. On the other hand, Rental property cleaning in Chicago can be a good idea. Especially before moving in and before moving out. Cleaning services can also depend on how much you do to keep your home clean. If you need our services, don’t hesitate to call the top rated cleaning service in Chicago.

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How much do Cleaning Services Cost?