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How to Remove Toilet Bowl Stains

How to Remove Toilet Bowl Stains

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but if we just keep on waiting, it’ll be a lot worse. Something really annoying for many is that after all that scrubbing effort, the bath still looks dirty. Luckily, there are ways to remove the toilet bowl stains for good. Let’s not forget that you can count on cleaning services and everywhere that can do the job for you!

So, here is how to remove toilet bowl stains

Avoid the use of bleach! You also want to be careful with your use of cleaning techniques, apparatuses, and cleansers, as scratching or damaging your toilet bowl makes it easier for the buildup to occur, and the future removal of stains will be just impossible.

Don’t forget to open the window for ventilation, and remove the water from your toilet bowl by turning off the valve and flushing. In this way, you’ll make cleaning easier.

How to Remove Toilet Stains

Now that you’ve removed the annoying toilet bowl stains from the surfaces of your bath, keep them away for good…

Clean Regularly! Cleaning your bath once a week will keep surfaces smooth, preventing the buildup of iron and other deposits from taking hold. Also, keep things dry. Try wiping down bathroom surfaces exposed to water to cut down on exposure to the iron residue.

Also, iron filters and water purification systems can eliminate the problem at the source, removing iron and other mineral deposits in water to prevent future stains. Besides this, something to take into consideration is to upgrade your plumbing.

How to Remove Toilet Bowl Stains

Here are some extra tips

Spray on a mixture of 1-part vinegar to 1-part water on your toilet bowl and scrub with a hard-bristled brush.

Make a paste of 3-parts baking soda and 1-part vinegar, scrubbing the bowl with it as you would a powdered cleanser.

Dust ¼ cup of borax onto bathroom surfaces, scrubbing with a brush to remove stains, odors, and bacteria.

Pick up a pumice stick at your area retailer. Wet it with water, and rub it directly on dirt and stains. As you already know, this can be really time-consuming. You can also look for any eco-friendly cleaning product. Whichever you choose, your bathroom will be sparkling clean. And, if you want some extra help, call your local cleaning services. They’ll be there to help!

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