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Airbnb Appearance Checklist

Airbnb Appearance Checklist

Here, we love creating checklists. From ones for cleaning to even some for packing. Checklists are amazing and can save you a lot of time and make things more organized. So, you might not be too surprised to see we also have an Airbnb appearance checklist. What is it though? Well, as hosts, we all need to keep an eye out for what people might want to see. First impressions are important and pictures on the Airbnb website won’t do justice. It is important to decorate our properties as perfectly as possible to ensure our guests keep coming back. So, read on to find out what this checklist entails.


Starting our Airbnb appearance checklist, we have the entrance. And why shouldn’t we? This is the first thing that’ll show how your property looks. It is important that make the entrance as cozy as possible. All guests need to feel at home at all times. So, focus on things that make the entrance feel like a real house. Remember, that is the purpose of Airbnb. A luxury vacation place that feels like home.

Living Room

Following the cozy trend, apply it here as well. Why? Well, most guests will spend their time after visiting the city here. They will talk about what they enjoyed the most and they’ll do it easier if the place feels like their home. Keep the clutter at minimum and try to add some extra amenities for this area.

Airbnb Appearance Guide
Airbnb Appearance Checklist


Most hosts call this: the heart of the property. All guests will have breakfast here before going off to adventure in the city. So, make sure that the kitchen is equipped with every single thing. From a coffee maker machine to a toaster. Even some pantries with vegan food for those who have said diet. Don’t miss a single thing here.
And, our last thing on the checklist, that applies to everything, is cleaning. Whichever place of the property it is, you need to clean it perfectly. Whether you do it by yourself or want to hire some help, just remember to keep it clean. Follow this checklist and you won’t have any problem at all.


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