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5 Priority Areas When Cleaning Your Airbnb

5 Priority Areas When Cleaning Your Airbnb

Cleaning a rental property is important. It doesn’t matter how big or small the property is, cleaning it is necessary. However, if you want to make things faster, you need to find what areas are the most used ones. There are 5 priority areas when cleaning your Airbnb that you have to know about. Some of them are paramount for guests’ enjoyment.

The kitchen

Many already know that this can be the place where we can find a huge amount of bacteria on top of all the kitchen equipment. They are also in contact with the food we eat every day. That is why it is always advisable to clean and disinfect in depth if we want to take care of our health and that of our family.

Priority Areas When Cleaning Your Airbnb

The bathroom

What can we say? In addition to all the dirt in the toilet, the garbage that we throw away in this place. An impeccable bathroom always speaks of the hygiene we have at home. It is part of our presentation.

The rooms

Besides cleanliness, it is very important to keep the rooms clean and organized. They have a direct impact on our mood and mental health.

5 Priority Areas To Clean In Your Airbnb

The vestibule

This is the entrance of the house, the first impression we give to our guests. A clean and tidy room will give the feeling of welcome and comfort.

The dining room

As well as the kitchen is the place where we are in contact with food. It is very important the cleanliness of such an important place that is part of the most important parties throughout the year.

Now that you know what are the 5 priorities areas when cleaning your Airbnb, you can start cleaning. Yet, remember that you can always look for an Airbnb cleaning service to help you with that.

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